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A Texas Barbecue at Morgan’s



A little piece of Texas can be found on the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Saint Mark’s Avenue in Brooklyn. Behind the doors of Morgan’s, patrons are welcomed to a rustic atmosphere filled with distinctive Texan memorabilia, which is the perfect place to watch the next big game or have dinner with friends.


Having a wide selection on the menu it might be difficult to decide what to get, but the knowledgeable and courteous staff knows exactly what your taste buds desire. From the brisket to the pork ribs and the pulled pork, Morgan’s offers some of the tenderest meat that comes right off the bone and melts in your mouth. Bringing a small portion of Texas culture to the area, one of delicacies that is rare to find in the city is Morgan’s Frito Pie. Taking a bag of old school Fritos and smothering them with Texas red chili, dressed with white onions, cheddar cheese and sour cream, it is a must try when eating here. There have been other restaurants in the city that attempted making the Frito Pies, but it takes a true Texan to perfect it.

morgans-frito-pie morgans-key-lime-pie morgans-pecan-pie

Everyone has a guilty pleasure of Mac N’ Cheese, and attempting to satisfy those cravings Morgan’s makes nearly ten varieties. There is a Margherita style, which has tomatoes and mozzarella mixed together, Jamaica Jerk, filled with spicy chicken and pineapples, and more.

If there is any room for dessert people can have a piece of their homemade signature sweets. Made with Jane Bourbon, the Morgan’s Bourdon Pecan Pie is one of the popular selections to savory the sweet tooth. Other desserts include Key Lime Pie and Apple Cobbler topped with ice cream.

Other than food, Morgan’s is the only restaurant in the area that serves the iconic Texan beer, Shiner Bock ale. It is a refreshing take on the ordinary choices and mixes great with authentic barbecue food and is served in mason jars. Leaving Morgan’s, foodies will realize they found a new gem and the latest barbecue and comfort food hotspot in Brooklyn.

Morgan’s is located at 267 Flatbush Avenue and is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late nights.

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