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A Trip to Saratoga Springs Begs a Visit to the Race Track



A relatively quick hop, skip and a jump away from New York City lies Saratoga Springs, a quaint town in upstate New York that is well known for its impressive race track. Saratoga Race Course plays host to America’s Best Racing, a fan development and awareness-building program created and funded by The Jockey Club, which was designed to increase the visibility of North America’s best thoroughbred racing events.

Somehow we snagged seats at Travers and just weeks before the race, it was announced that triple crown winner, American Pharoah, would be racing in Saratoga! Heading in to the racetrack, you don’t know where to look. Every which way are people dressed in their finest clothes (fascinators included,) people picnicking, food trucks, and horses being shown off. It is quite the spectacle.

Betting is a must at the racetracks, and with a huge (and we mean huge) set up of betting machines and tellers, there’s no excuse not to try your hand against the odds. We found some liquid courage in the form of specialty Pharoahtoga cocktails that were as strong as they were delicious. Unfortunately, that didn’t help us win, but it did help us enjoy our day!

Throughout the day, plenty of races took place and it was fun to check out the stats of the horses and the jockeys, as well as find amusement in the fun names of all the horses. It was a great schedule, allowing attendees to wander around and explore the ‘stadium’ in between races. There were plenty of vendors and stores selling everything from artwork to clothing, and we especially liked the Pies on Wheels food truck.

The culmination of the day was definitely seeing American Pharoah race…and to everyone’s surprise, lose! Keen Ice went home a champ, having defeated the almighty triple crown winner, but we still love the Pharoah.

All in all, the trip to Saratoga Springs was quick and easy, and definitely worth it! The racetrack is a must while visiting, but make sure to explore the beautiful town and discover all the warmth it has to offer.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever been to Saratoga Springs? Have you been to any horse races before? Discuss below!

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