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A Year in the Life of a Dog


Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? What goes on in their furry little heads? In Plumdog, British illustrator Emma Chichester Clark draws and narrates the thoughts of her dog, Plum. Since 2012, Clark’s blog – also called Plumdog – amused followers with her whimsical portrayals of Plum’s everyday life. Now in print, Plumdog provides a comical insight into the mind of a very lovable canine.

This graphic novel, which spans a year, is told from Plum’s perspective. Plum is an active, loving, and friendly dog who lives with her owner (Emma) and her daddy in London. Her many everyday adventures include Emma and her family and friends, as well as Plum’s dog friends — Liffey, Tosca, Rocket, and Esther.They love frisbees, swimming, walks, the beach, and sass.

One of my favorite “story lines” was Plum’s crush on her pal, Rocket. For a doggy, Plum has very relatable reactions to having a crush. Another memorable part was when Plum starts her narration by naming five New Year’s resolutions: “to be braver, to catch a cat, to catch a fox, not to unstuff my new toys immediately, and to sleep in their bed every night.” Maybe this resonated with me more because my dogs could probably benefit from one or two of those…

Clark’s illustrations, which accompany Plum’s observations, are beautiful and detailed. Not only do they show Plum’s appearance, but also her mischievous personality!

Plumdog is a perfect book for any animal lover, especially dog owners. As Plum says, “I have noticed that people who like books are often very fond of dogs.”

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