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Accessorize for a Cause



Fasten your seat belts…it’s going to be a fashion statement! Snap2Live belts are one of the latest stylish accessories taking the world by storm, all while tackling a global issue. Using a simple design of a standard seat belt and transforming it into fashion, creator and social entrepreneur Ernesto Arguello aims to spread awareness of road safety.

“I became aware that road crashes are the number one killer in youths globally,” Arguello said. “Creativity was the key to spread the message.”

With a vast selection of colors, Snap2Live partnered with the UN and their commitment to a decade of action for road safety. “The belts are a way of brand enthusiasts to become vocal supporters of the campaign, helping save lives and raise funds,” he said.


The United Nation’s decade call for action aims to save 5 million lives by 2020. Through the actions of Snap2Live and foundations like Education Model Towns, it allows the creation of road safety awareness and continues to provide secure communities to underdeveloped areas.

Statistics indicate that one person has an average of 669 social ties and sees around 900 people a day, which brings an awareness level to over 1,500 people. When people purchase the eye-catching one size fits all belts, 70% of the profits go to support the mission.

“Many of these deaths can be avoidable,” Arguello said. The simple action of wearing seat belts and not texting while driving can save lives.

Arguello is the son of refugees and has the belief that educating people of road safety is vital for improving lives. Through Snap2Live and his other concept, Education Model Towns, he has created sustainable communities that offer housing, infrastructure, education, health and other programs.

“The model started six years ago in Honduras, and it was a success,” he said. “If it worked there it can work anywhere and change lives.”


Catching the attention of numerous government dignitaries and celebrities, including members of the Nelson Mendela family and Wilmer Valderrama, Snap2Live is being embraced by the fashion industry. “We were featured in GQ Latin American and Vogue,” Arguello said.

“Now people can look good and do good,” he said.

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