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African and European Influences Contribute to Esé Azénabor’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection



The Esé Azénabor Fall/Winter 2015 Collection debuted during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 13th at the Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week. It is very rare to see a younger designer like Esé Azénabor have such a firm grasp on her talent and use it to bring us a collection that is both mature and innovative.

Esé Azénabor was born in Nigeria and decided to start her self-titled line in 2012 with a collection that was inspired by a combination of her own culture, as well as vintage and modern Egyptian and European influences. She previously partnered up with her sister, Dosé Azénabor, to create her Spring/Summer 2015 Collection and is back again with an amazing collection for the Fall/Winter season.


The Esé Azénabor Fall/Winter 2015 Collection features vibrant colors and exquisite beading, with the pieces striking a perfect balance of sophisticated, yet edgy. The beading detail is extraordinary and turns each one of her pieces into a work of art. When looking at the beading detail, you can clearly see where the vintage European influences come into play. While some of the prints and floral beading tend to gravitate towards the feminine and soft side, there are pieces in which the beading exudes a toughness that is reminiscent of the garments worn by the kings and queens of England.

When asked what exactly about vintage European style influenced this collection, Esé Azénabor said that it was inspired by Henry VIII’s garments; she wanted to “create a collection inspired by his era in a modernized women’s luxury ready-to-wear and couture collection.” This is certainly obvious by not only the beading that she used, but also in the rich and vibrant red and gold colors used in many of her pieces.

To go from graduating in accounting to throwing caution to the wind and following her dreams is very brave. What Esé Azénabor has done with this latest collection is something unlike anything I have seen, and I am very much drawn to the way that she mixes her African and vintage European inspirations. She is able to mix two different styles without making this look like two different collections.

For more information about Esé Azénabor and the brand as a whole, make sure to make your way over to www.eseazenabor.com. Once there, you can check out her previous collections and shop for some of her ready-to-wear pieces.

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