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Alcohol You Definitely Want for the Holidays


It’s that time of year where the parties are plentiful, the food is bountiful and the alcohol is overflowing. During the holidays, everyone gets a bit more cheerful and we aren’t complaining. With all of the holiday parties and festivities that are sure to be popping up on your calendar, it’s important to be prepared. Sure, you can bring the classic bottle of wine or a tray of pigs in a blanket, but we’ve found four amazingly unique, yet universal spirits that are sure to lift anyone’s spirits.


Margaritas are either hit or miss for me. A good marg is SO good and a bad one is usually very, very bad. Nightshade Partners Inc. has come up with a solution to the overly sweetened margaritas you know all too well. With Nightshade Experience, you’ll get mixologist-quality margaritas ready to drink right out of the bottle. Without adding any extra sweeteners, the margaritas, which come in flavors like Classic Lime, Hucklarita, Choclarita, Ruby Redarita and Papayarita, don’t give you the experience of those poorly made margaritas we’ve unfortunately become all too familiar with. Plus, they are gluten free! ($19.99)



Gluten free for the holidays? Not to worry! Devotion Vodka is the world’s first gluten free, no sugar added, American-made vodka. The unique vodka is certified non-GMO and comes in six different flavors, as well as unflavored. Blood Orange, Black and Blue, Perfect Cosmo, Wild Cherry, Coconut and Tiki comprise the different flavors and all of them are 80 proof. ($22.99)



For those who like a bit of flavor with their alcohol, we recommend ParTea, a line of booze infusers, that come in five different flavors. Blends of dried fruits, herbs and spices packed in tea bags serve as the infusion to your alcohol. Whether you prefer vodka, rum, gin, tequila or whiskey, these infusers can tackle anything. All you have to do, is simply let your concoction steep for 24-48 hours and voila – you’ve got your infused spirits! Flavor options include jalapeño, ginger, orange spice, wild berry and mocha. ($15 for one or $35 for a sampler pack)


The Colorado-based winery, Decadent Saint, is the first craft winery to create unfiltered, real fruit wine based concentrates and they’ve done it again with their recently launched Red Wine Sangria. Their past sangria creations have won numerous awards, and are in fact, the only sangrias to ever  receive gold and double-gold medals at the highest ranked competitions in the country. The concentrates need only be diluted with water or club soda and makes up to five bottles of sangria. ($20)

Twisted Talk: What do you usually bring as a gift to holiday parties? Have you tried any of these brands before? Discuss below!


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