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Amigos Restaurant Brings Authentic Mexican Food & BBQ to Morningside Heights



Sometimes I wish I had more time to visit all the restaurants in New York City because you always end up finding restaurants that you fall in love with and wonder why you have never heard of them before. Amigos Restaurant is the perfect spot to kick back drinks with some friends after work and enjoy their tasty dishes. Executive Chef Alex Garcia has brought authentic Mexican food and a wide variety of drinks to Morningside Heights. The best thing about the cocktails here are that they are strong! Each month the restaurant will also feature a celebrity Mexican chef who will take a new approach with the menu.

The lights were dim with candles burning at every table. The tables had red gingham tablecloths which give it a very familial and easy going vibe. Adding to this familial vibe, were the friendly and attentive staff that greeted us at our tables. What really caught my attention about the restaurant when I first walked in were the Mexican Day of the Dead skulls that were painted on the walls. Scott Chilveres, general manager, informed me and my date for the night that the previous bartender had painted those beautiful colorful skulls. The skulls were the perfect piece of art to go with the food, the décor, and the culture of the venue.


The food was authentic Mexican, which is great. We tasted the Baja Fish Tacos, the Crispy Chicken Chicarron Tacos, and the Pork Carnita Tacos. I was very surprised by the fried pickles atop the tacos because I have never had them before. While I love pickles I have never tasted them fried before. The Quesadillas were also the best I’ve ever had; different varieties included the Three Cheese, Homemade Chorizo, and the Adobo Chicken. My favorite dishes by far were the Flautas and the award-winning Guacamole. I don’t think I have ever had guacamole that tasted as good as the one made at Amigos Restaurant. We finished off with a hot chocolate brownie with ice cream on top and an apple pie. The great thing is that both desserts had been made just that morning and had not been served to any patrons yet. They were playing around with these desserts and the playing around definitely worked because that hot chocolate brownie was to die for.


If asked to rate this restaurant on a five star scale, I would definitely be giving it six stars because this restaurant totally exceeded my expectations. I was expecting to go to another Mexican restaurant just like the  hundred others in the city, but this one is something special. To learn more and see more appetizing pictures of the food served at Amigos make sure to visit their website and their Facebook page.


Twisted Talk: What is your favorite Mexican Dish? Have you visited Amigos Restaurant before? If not, will you visit the restaurant now? Discuss below!

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