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An Unlikely Pairing: Burger and Lobster

via GlenwoodNYC

via GlenwoodNYC

Burger and lobsters aren’t typically a combo we see very often. After all, lobsters can be quite pricey, while burgers (for the most part) don’t carry quite as much prestige as our ocean friends. However, popular UK chain Burger and Lobster has made its way to the big city and since it opened up in Chelsea, it’s been doing steady business and attracting customers left and right.

You probably won’t be able to guess what’s on the menu here…just kidding! In fact, there actually is no menu at the restaurant. Guests can choose from three options — a burger, grilled or steamed lobster, or a lobster roll — all of which clock in at $20 and come with a side salad and fries. While the price may be a bit steep for a burger, the lobster is a downright bargain. Those who opt for the burger can add cheese and bacon for no extra cost and those opting for the lobster will revel in the garlic lemon butter served with it. While we don’t think the burger is anything to write home about, it’s a standard burger and not particularly flavorful (although I may have been jaded by the many delicious burgers served in NY), the lobster is very meaty and delicious. And the dipping sauce is so good you’ll find yourself drowning even your French fries in it.


The cocktails here were quite a bit sweet for my taste, but will no doubt please some of the whiskey sour-loving ladies. For those not looking to indulge their sweet tooth, their wine list gives you more than enough options to choose from.

Additionally, the restaurant can complete your meal by offering a few dessert options, such as cheesecake and gelato. No longer do you have to argue amongst friends whether to go to the fancy seafood place down the street or the fast food burger joint around the corner, now you have one place where you can all get just what you want!

Twisted Talk: Have you been to Burger and Lobster yet? What was your favorite dish? Discuss below!

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