Bottoms Up — September 3, 2015 at 11:30 am

An Urban Picnic in Gramercy



What do you call a cozy tavern in the residential neighborhood of Gramercy that offers beer and cheese pairings as well as crustless finger sandwiches, brightly checkered table cloths, and a whole lot of deliciousness? An urban picnic!

Certified Cicerone (official beer sommelier) Anne Becerra and Cheese monger and Malt’n’Mold owner Kevin Heald came together to curate a spectacular beer and cheese tasting menu for us to sample at Taproom 307. This spectacular experience paid homage to both brews and cheeses hailing from New York City, as well as New York state, offering a unique, hyper local experience that was as exciting as it was different.

Most people assume the beverage pairing of choice for cheese to be wine, but upon hearing that this would be a craft beer and cheese pairing, my interested piqued, and I was not disappointed. Becerra is a beer aficionado whose passion for her craft is as energized as the wealth of knowledge that pours from her. Similarly, Kevin Heald’s choices for New York cheeses were exceptional – off the beaten path, but similar enough in texture and flavor to still be relatable.

The pairings highly illustrate the possibilities of what can happen when two talented, passionate people with a zeal for their work come together to create a magical culinary experience. Don’t forget to check our Malt and Mild’s two locations (Gramercy and the Lower East Side) for Free Beer Fridays from 5-7pm, as well as visit Anne at any bar she works at. She has the miraculous ability to get you excited about venturing outside your comfort zone and truly enjoying it.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever been to Taproom 307 before? Have you tried pairing your cheeses with beer? Discuss below!

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