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Angus Club Steakhouse Celebrates One Year Anniversary



I was running late for dinner. Not by much, but the M train had other ideas. I arrived at Angus Club Steakhouse, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, a bit flustered and perturbed from underground delays knowing that my dinning companion was 20 minutes into a Buillet Old Fashioned at the bar. The bartender had excellent suggestions, enthusiastic recommendations for us and put extra emphasis on the creamed truffled corn.

We transferred our check and were guided through the dimly lit rustic interior towards the main dining room on the lower level. The atmosphere was unlike your average bustling New York steakhouse. In reality, the restaurant could have been serving any number of desirable meats. It also could have positioned itself as a romantic, special occasion destination like Two If By Sea. In substitution for the elements missing; the clanking of piping hot platters on tables, the crash of glasses cheers-ing; pianist serenaded diners and provided a background setting without demanding attention or taking the spotlight away from the food or your company.

The Angus Steakhouse is also big and spacious, offering two levels of dining with two bars and plentiful private dining rooms, presenting itself as an invaluable space in the Midtown area of Manhattan. Instead of being crammed into a table, sitting right next to other dinners, you’ve got yourself a roomy table in a 9,500 square foot restaurant of reclaimed timber walls, wood floors, chandeliers, and black marble counter-tops giving it a truly rustic interior.

We took our bartender’s recommendations seriously and were not let down. For our appetizers, we started with a wedge salad and it was everything we were hoping for. A plate of Roasted Bone Marrow was a homage to the steakhouse, served with crostini and a side of greens. Of course we also had to order the famous baked clams and they definitely stood up to their name. The starters were outstanding, fresh, and set the tone for the rest of the meal.

Enter the featured act of our evening. The real show stopper for Angus Club Steakhouse are most obviously the steaks. USDA prime cuts, hand selected and dry aged for 35 days. A porterhouse cooked medium rare, bloody in the middle with a cartelized, crispy edge sizzled its way through the dining room in the hands of our waiter. Our waiter then gracefully divided the meat into perfectly portioned delectable bites perfectly served onto our plates.


No words are needed to describe the steak other than it was exactly what we hoped for. Although the Angus Steakhouse is known for their steak, the side-acts were nothing to scoff at. A bowl of creamed corn complimented out entrees with a perfect sweetness. A truffle was added which accented the corn without overwhelming it. All of this paired perfectly with the California Cabernet and several other wonderful wines from the extensive wine list.

After devouring an incredibly large amount of food for the normal party of two, we sat and admired the intimate venue filled with many couples, families, friends and possibly business partners all smiling with warm, happy bellies. Our waiter promptly arrived to show us the desert menu. You’d think we couldn’t fit in one extra thing! We did order an enormous traditional ice cream sundae to top it all off and don’t regret a single spoonful of deliciousness.

Needless to say, Angus Steakhouse offers a fantastic evening out for any New York City diner. It is intimate and personal while catering to small and large parties alike. Don’t let the MTA get in between you and an amazing steak for just about any occasion and head to Angus Steakhouse, now.

*All images via Shiri Lara

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