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Are Cream Cheese Bites the New “It” Dessert?


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If you ask Becky with the Good Bites, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. With humble beginnings
in her Manhattan kitchen, Becky channeled a weeknight sweet tooth into a business of more
than snack-able proportions. Using cheesecake as a jumping off point of inspiration, Becky’s
OG chocolate bites boast six different flavors, are hand dipped in chocolate, and are the epitome
of decadence. Now that Becky has a true brick and mortar establishment, Becky’s Bites, you can access her wonderful creations at any time of day.

childhoos throwbacks
While we could easily work our way through a SLEW of the chocolate bites, the Childhood
Throwbacks menu are where Becky’s creativity and cleverness really shine. Our favorite were
the Beckaroos, a modern take on the Dunkaroos us 90’s kids enjoyed in our elementary and
middle school years. The teddy grahams go perfectly with the cream cheese-based Funfetti dip,
while simultaneously sending us reeling through a wave of after school nostalgia.

chocolate bites
For those with a more savory-bent palette, the Salty Side is the perfect answer to your pretzel
obsessed needs. A salted caramel dip pairs wonderfully with the thin pretzel crisps, a
wonderful vehicle for salt. If you’re more of a ‘breakfast all day’ kind of person with a love of
classic New York bagel toppings, the loaded lox bagel is your move.

birthday bites
With more savory items on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what Becky whips up next.

Twisted Talk: Are you a cream cheese fanatic? What’s your favorite treat from Becky’s Bites? Discuss below!

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