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Are You Capable of Drinking Like a Grown Up? Here’s Your Guide




Drink Like a Grown Up is not your typical mixology book. It is an informative and entertaining read, composed by the highly secretive League of Extraordinary Drinkers, who want you to reconsider the way you think about and consume alcohol. Similar to the way you think about where your food comes from, learning more about the origins of your alcohol will not only help decrease your hangovers, but it will increase your awareness of the industry and your participation in one of the biggest selling products in the world.

The evolution of one’s alcoholic palate, from your first beer in high school (or younger), through your consumption of sugar-flavored shots in college, to your adult liquor of choice is accurately chronicled and line noted with advice and guidelines for how to drink like an adult. Regardless of what stage of life you’re in, there’s something to be said about embracing a deeper understanding of something you drink on a regular or (semi-regular) basis.

Our youthful gravitation towards drinks that taste good ultimately mask the flavor of alcohol, which is necessary to determine just how much booze you’re consuming. When drinking boozy drinks that taste like fruit juice, you tend to lose track of how much rum you’re putting in your system, resulting in a hangover that rivals the worst flu you’ve ever had. As you age, you tend to steer towards one or two liquors of choice because it agrees with you, but how much do you really know about what you’re drinking?

Each chapter closely examines the basic elements of each spirit, including how it’s made, some of the history behind the distilling process, the difference between brands, and recommendations on which brands to buy and which classic cocktail to pair with each brand.  

These straight-forward instructions are supplemented with witty anecdotes and top line generalizations of the kind of person who consumes vodka versus scotch. The blunt classifications in these pages are ultimately what make it such a delight to read.

Drink Like a Grown Up unlocks the basic truths behind how your favorite liquids are made, and how to drink them like a classy adult. From which instruments you should have in your home to basic recipes for classic drinks, this book is an excellent present for any cocktail aficionado slash anyone who consumes alcohol.

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