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Authentic Nordic Food at Bröd Kitchen



Bröd Kitchen is doing what many other restaurants are not doing for New Yorkers. It is offering customers fine dining with a more relaxed atmosphere. I had a chance to take a look around the restaurant and enjoy Nordic cuisine in a relaxed setting that seemed more like a deli store, but with upscale food. The service provided, the food served, and the atmosphere while eating there work together to create an experience unlike any other. If you have not heard of Bröd Kitchen yet, then this is your chance to get acquainted with it and go out there and try it for yourself.


The first thing you notice when walking into the restaurant is how spacious it is, and not stuffy at all. The sitting area is intimate enough so that you can exchange pleasantries with your neighbor eating next to you, but far enough away so that you have your space. Framing the window near the cashier are some of the handmade breads. Near the back is where you have the kitchen, where you can order your different smorrebrods (Nordic open-faced sandwiches), soups, and deserts. You then have your salad and veggie section where every salad is made daily. Everything is fresh and locally sourced. The prices are extraordinary for the quality of food offered.

Bröd Kitchen has easily become my new favorite place to eat. There are not many places in New York City that offer what Bröd Kitchen offers and that is quality authentic Nordic food for affordable prices. Whether it’s for lunch or an early dinner, Bröd Kitchen should be the place that you need to go.


Brod Kitchen is located on the Upper East Side at 1201 2nd Avenue. So far it has received rave reviews with its customers on sites like Yelp and Seamless. Don’t want to take their word for it? Then go ahead and spend you lunch chowing down on authentic Nordic cuisine. If you want to see more of the amazing food that they offer check out their Instagram @Brod_nyc and their website

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