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Debutante. at the Bernie Wohl Center is Worth It

Debutante., written by Ryann Weir and directed by Anne Tippe, is the story of three teenage heiresses during the weeks preceding their all-important society debut. The play is equal parts Oscar Wilde, taking a mocking but affectionate approach to the existence of such privileged, isolated creatures, and John Hughes, being quintessentially 1980s in its references to Jazzercise and Dynasty.   […]

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Jackie and Marilyn at the Lion Theatre

Jackie and Marilyn, now at the Lion Theatre at Theatre Row, is an imagining of one of American history’s most famous love triangles: that of philandering President John F. Kennedy, his elegant wife, Jacqueline, and the glamorous starlet Marilyn Monroe. The production’s costume and wig/makeup design, done by Aleksandra Stojic Zurovac and Ljupka Arsovska, respectively, is particularly successful in bringing […]

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Dark Water Shines Light on NYC’s Theater

Dark Water, written by David Stallings and directed by Heather Cohn, is a play inspired by the tragic effects of the April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the Gulf Coast. The story is told entirely through the perspective of the mostly marine wildlife affected, with varying levels of success by a cast of very human actors. The actors do […]

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Petunia and Chicken at FRIGID New York

FRIGID New York is an annual fringe theatre festival in which artists receive 100 percent of their box office proceeds. Petunia and Chicken was one of this winter’s offerings, coming off a highly successful run in Cincinnati, where it was the Artists’ Pick at the Cincy Fringe Festival 2013 and the recipient of the Best Overall Award from the League […]

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Your Guide to Looking Younger

Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin, a new publication by Dr. Harold Lancer, contains advice for a more radiant complexion from a dermatologist with over three decades of experience treating Beverly Hills’ elite and famous. While the book is best suited to older men and women, it is relevant to any twenty-something looking to improve the quality of […]

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New York Theatre Ballet’s Legends and Visionaries

This year, New York Theatre Ballet, one of the most influential dance companies nationwide, is commemorating its 35th anniversary with the Legends and Visionaries series at Florence Gould Hall. NYTB’s mission is to provide audiences with quality dance at affordable prices, as well as to bring performances to areas where dance is underrepresented. Last weekend, the Visionaries portion was presented, […]

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by / on January 15, 2014 at 11:00 am / in Bottoms Up

Wine 101: There’s An App for That!

Crushed, a recently launched mobile app developed by San Francisco-based wine professional Carla McKay, is exciting for oenophiles and novices alike. Emphasizing the communal nature of wine drinking, it is equal parts database and social network, enabling users to learn about pairings and specialized terms without shame, as well as to write their own reviews of bottles and to see […]

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by / on December 27, 2013 at 1:05 pm / in Beyond the Boroughs

Venture to Dolce CampoReal Lisbon

Dolce Hotels and Resorts, manager of 26 upscale hotels, resorts, and conference centers across North America and Europe, welcomes visitors to its newest establishment, Dolce CampoReal Lisbon. The hotel is a meetings destination and golf resort just outside the Portuguese capital and is just 20 minutes from some of the country’s most beautiful Atlantic beaches. Its location is ideal for […]

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Cocktales – Confessions of a Nymphomaniac

Yes, the pillow above is exactly what you’re imagining. Cocktales – Confessions of a Nymphomaniac, written by and starring Slovenian-born, award-winning actress Tjasa Ferme, is an exuberant new play portraying Eve as a modern woman who has escaped from the Garden of Eden and is struggling with her brazen sexuality. The piece examines the conflicting messages regarding dating and sexual desire thrown at […]

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The Nutcracker with a Twist

A perennial Christmas favorite, The Nutcracker evokes the holidays as nothing else can. Dances Patrelle, founded in 1988 by famed choreographer Francis Patrelle, makes well-trodden musical territory feel fresh with its 18th annual production of The Yorkville Nutcracker at The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. Set in New York in 1895, the homes and forests of the original are replaced […]

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