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Babeth’s Feast: A Healthier Option to Fast Food Joints



It’s a very true stereotype that New Yorkers are always on the go and need to save on time. One thing that we tend to cut time on? Food. Some people find it easier to just order takeout instead of cooking healthier options, but what if you had the option of having healthier dishes that you can prepare in just minutes? Whether you are hosting a party and are running short on time or you are too tired to cook after you get home from work, Babeth’s Feast makes sure that you have what you need. Founded by Elisabeth de Kergorlay, who hails from France, Babeth’s Feast specializes in premium frozen food. Elisabeth’s business savviness saw an opportunity to fill the lack of frozen food retail stores here in New York City, something that is very common in France.


Babeth’s Feast is split up into ten categories of food; Breakfast, Bakery, Hors d’oeuvres & Starters, Main Courses, Side Dishes, Butcher Shop, Fish Market, Condiments, Desserts & Fruit, and Ice Cream. And naturally, the first category that I checked out was the dessert. The desserts range from Ivoires à la Framboise (White Chocolate and Raspberry Cups) to Devil’s Bites to Coupes Caramélisés (milk chocolate and caramel cups). Caramel cups… be still my beating heart, because I am infatuated with caramel! You can purchase dishes that can feed the whole family like the Poulet à la Provençale (Chicken with tomatoes, onions and peppers) at $19.99 which feeds 4-5 people. You can pair that with the Mini Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiches valued at $13.99, which provides 12 pieces and you have yourself a meal! Or if it’s just you, you can use some of these dishes as leftovers.

babeths-feast    babeths-feast-2

Each dish is flash frozen so that it won’t spoil and so that when ready, the food is fresh and still delicious. Flash freezing is the process of exposing an object to temperatures that are below water’s melting/freezing point, or in other words, subjecting them to liquid nitrogen at -196⁰C. What makes it so convenient is that all you have to do is pop the dish into the oven or microwave it’s ready before you know it. Instead of ordering pizza or Chinese takeout, you can have something that is prepared from high quality ingredients and is also healthy, without having too spend too much time actually cooking it.


For more information and to check out the variety of products available, you can visit Babeth’s Feast opened its first store on August 6th at 1422 Third Avenue between 80th and 81st Street and is open weekdays until 9PM and weekdays until 8PM, so you can also go and purchase these products there.

Twisted Talk: Does Babeth’s Feast fill a need in your life? Now that you know about Babeth’s Feast, will you check it out and shop there? Discuss below!


  1. Great review! May I recommend a charming movie “Babette’s Feast (1987)” that perhaps the proprietor was inspired to brand her business with a play on the movie title?

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