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Baking the Healthier Way with Real Sweet



Everyone has those cravings that can only be satisfied by the sweet stuff… dessert. Living in New York, people are tuned into the latest doughnut trend or pastry concoction, but sometimes the best type of dessert is not found at the bakery, but in your own kitchen. In the new cookbook Real Sweet by Shauna Sever, the author highlights the tasty recipes that can be made using natural sugars, which are healthier than the traditional substitutes.

“In the world of natural sugars, generally the darker the sugar, the less processed and more nutrient dense it is and the bolder flavor it will have,” Sever writes. Throughout the 80 recipes, the natural sugars that are focused on include evaporated cane juice, coconut sugar, and brown rice syrup.

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Avid bakers will understand the need to impress the guests during parties, and with the Five-Flavors Party Cake people will be wanting more and more. Mixed with honey, almonds, vanilla, lemon and raspberries, the 2 layer cake is a delicious choice for dessert, as well as really showcasing your baking abilities. “I love this cake because it basically decorates itself, with a layer of sugared almonds baked right into the top, and a few adorable raspberry flowers,” Sever notes.

Like many other cookbooks, Real Sweet looks to educate the readers about the benefits of natural sugars. One type of sugar that is specifically addressed and advised not to be used are the low-calorie sugar substitutes and sugar alcohols. Sever explains that these types are not used because of their taste and the inability to bake well. One of the ingredients that is mainly used is brown rice syrup, which is perfect for candies and traditional recipes. Instead the corn syrup, brown rice syrup offers a mellow sweetness, but like any sugar, should be used in moderation.

Whether you are natural Betty Crocker or venturing into the baking world, learning how to bake with natural ingredients is the way to go. Real Sweet offers easy to follow steps that will have beginners baking like a pros and experienced bakers will learn new recipes for delicious desserts.

Twisted Talk: Are you a baker? What are some your favorite recipes and will you be buying Real Sweet? Discuss Below!

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