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Breaking Up is Hard To Do



Munir Bello has written a laugh out loud novel from the view of a break-up from a man’s perspective. Women can finally get a peek into what goes on in a man’s head before, during, and after dating; what goes on in their minds is something that should be dissected very carefully. The Break Up Recipe follows the lift of Mark Mutton, a guy who is just looking for his soul-mate, and ends up kissing a lot of frogs before finally landing the swan, who so happens to have been right in front of his face all along.

When you first start reading this book you realize that the author is very blunt with what happens to his characters. Nothing is held back, from Mark’s interesting trip to the woman’s bathroom to the not so visually appealing bathroom trips. It’s an interesting take on how a person goes through so many trials and tribulations in relationships, to finally thinking that you have found the right one. When you realize that the “right one” is not really your soulmate, you begin to think that it will never happen. Mark Mutton goes through these same troubles in all of his relationships and while his fiancée breaks off the engagement at the end of the day, it’s the best thing that can happen to him, because he is able to discover his true soulmate.

This book will definitely be enjoyed by both sexes. It is a great book that showcases what guys think and feel during a relationship, and it’s an insight for women as to how and why men do some of the things that they do. Munir Bello invites us as readers to see the journey in which Mark Mutton had to go on to discover his true soulmate, and this is something that a lot of people can relate to. No, not every single man can relate to being stuck in a woman’s bathroom, but the situations and the relations themselves  are very relatable.

If you haven’t read The Break Up Recipe yet, then I suggest you do! This book is a fast read; I finished reading it in one day and couldn’t believe that it was over. Munir Bello is actually writing a follow-up to the book (YES!!) and working on a dating show in London, so we will definitely be hearing more from him. I’m really excited to see what the second book will be about and what else we can learn from Munir Bello. If you want to be kept updated on the latest projects and his upcoming book, make sure to follow Munir on Twitter. The Break Up Recipe is also available on Barnes and Nobles, so go and check it out.

Twisted Talk: Do you like romantic comedies like The Break Up Recipe? What is one of your breakup stories? Discuss below!

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