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Brewing Fresh Coffee with Single Cup Coffee



Nothing fuels a New Yorker more than a powerful cup of coffee,  and nothing makes them happier than a quick and delicious cup o’ joe. Since Keurig launched the Single Cup Coffee Brewer, coffee aficionados have enjoyed the convenience and various blends that are made just for them in their famous K-Cups. In 2012, Green Mountain Coffee lost their exclusive rights to produce K-Cups, which led the way for companies to create new and exciting blends, including Single Cup Coffee.

Throughout the years, coffee has evolved from a simple roast to French Vanilla and elaborate flavors that are pleasing to the taste buds. “We partnered with Cake Boss, Guy Fieri and others to develop signature gourmet blends for K-cups,” stated Bill Cook from Single Cup Coffee.

The blends vary in taste, but the Guy Fieri collection includes Bananas Foster, Hazelnut Cinnamon Roll and Hot Fudge Brownie. For people that enjoy the famous Girl Scout’s Thin Mints, they will need to try the delicious blend of Chocolate Mint, which is best served with dessert.


Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss takes his mouthwatering cakes and transforms them into cups of coffee that are a perfect pick-me-up during the day. From Vanilla Buttercream to Dulce de Leche, with one sip people will feel like they are sitting in the Hoboken cake shop.

Single Cup Coffee also curates regular roasts that range in boldness, but cater to all coffee drinkers. During those long exhausting days, brew the Category 5 from the Hurricane Collection and it will give you enough energy to last the day. When people purchase a package of the Hurricane Collection, a percentage is donated to disaster relief for future storms.

Even though people have fallen in love with the Keurig and various blends that are being offered, Cook explains that there is a revolving issue with the K-cups. “There are only around 10-12 grams of coffee in the cups,” Cook said. “That amount makes the cup of coffee seem watered down.”



Single Cup Coffee realizes that consumers want strong coffee that is similar to going to Starbucks or their favorite coffee shop. “We will be launching new K-cups that will hold more coffee and give the people what they want,” he said. “There will be an Extra Bold cup that will hold around 14-16 grams of coffee,” he said. Additionally, the Super K-cup, which holds around 18-20 grams of coffee, is set to hit shelves sometime during the first quarter of 2015. “This will be compared to the dark roast or stronger blends of coffee at coffee shops,” Cook said.

In the following months, Single Cup Coffee will be unveiling new partnerships and blends that will excite all coffee lovers. From hot chocolate to new coffee blends and teas, it’s time to purchase a Keurig to see what you’ve been missing. The thought of early mornings is not that bad when people can quickly brew one of the tantalizing blends from Single Cup Coffee.

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