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Broken Homes & Gardens is a Suspenseful Romantic Comedy



Have you ever picked up a book that has you screaming at the characters for being so stupid? While reading Broken Homes & Gardens, by Rebecca Kelley, I found myself talking to myself and frustrated at the characters throughout the whole book. No I’m not crazy, but I did connect with the characters in this romantic novel. Malcom and Joanna are a very unconventional, messy, and just stubborn couple that do not see what is in front of them. While this may just be a book, their situation is one that happens all the time in the real world.

Malcolm and Joanna meet at a party and immediately have a close connection to one another. While they both feel that there could be something between them, the only problem is that Malcolm is leaving the next day for a job. Talk about an inconvenient time! While they do promise to keep in touch and write letters, their relationship is one that is very hard to maintain. The difficulty resides in the fact that there is a big elephant in the room and neither of them wants to talk about it. We also have the fact that when Malcolm is in a relationship Joanna is not, and when Joanna is in a relationship Malcolm isn’t; therefore causing friction and tension in their friendship. This makes it that much more difficult for them to talk about their feelings for one another.

Broken Homes & Gardens show us the many obstacles that modern day couples have to go through, especially when you have two people that are as stubborn as Malcolm and Joanna. But it also demonstrates the fact that if you are willing to talk and fight for a relationship, here is hope after all. Rebecca Kelley does a great job in creating and weaving a story about love and the obstacles that make it harder to find and keep that real type of love. So will Malcolm and Joanna be able to admit their true feelings for each other? I can tell you for certain that I was on the edge of my seat up to the very last few pages wondering what would happen with this couple.

Broken Homes & Gardens is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and many other retailers. Written by Rebecca Kelley and published by Blank Slate Press, this romantic comedy represents exactly how twisted, weird, and complicated relationships are with this current generation. For more information on the book and on the author make sure to check out Rebecca Kelley’s website.

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