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It’s 4/20: Learn About Cannabidiol And What It Can Do For You

While 4/20 has become synonymous with a day in celebration of good ol’ Mary Jane, there are more ways to celebrate than lighting up a joint and getting high. CBD For Life is a company you should probably have on your radar. They produce super innovative and natural products using Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a compound sourced from hemp. CBD […]

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Stressed? You Might Want to Try This New Supplement

If, like me, you find yourself a little more stressed recently (thanks Trump), you’re not alone. According to a 2016 study, 77% of people reported to regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, while 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress [source]. That’s a lot of people. And it’s no secret that too much stress can cause serious health […]

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Stocking Stuffers: Beauty Edition

The holidays are a great time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. And that extends to your beauty routine. With festive holiday parties and get togethers happening left and right, it’s the perfect time to glam it up in a whole new way. Here are some of our favorite bold make-up choices to sneak into […]

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The Fit Life: Gifts for Your Favorite Swolemate

It’s coming upon that time of year when everyone vows to make resolutions — which for the majority of us, means getting and staying in shape. However, I think it’s important to live the fit life all year long! We recently discovered DesireList, a website that allows users to curate their own personal, shoppable wishlists, with items gathered from around […]

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Masala Bhangra: Making Fitness Fun

Need to spice up your fitness routine? Sarina Jain has the solution. The fitness trainer and entrepreneur is commonly referred to as the ‘Jane Fonda of India’ and is the first to bring Indian dance into the fitness industry. Masala Bhangra is a total body dance workout that Jain introduced to masses around the globe. The program, which infuses Bhangra […]

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Cool Choice is the Supplement You Need

Staying healthy is really important to me – and it should be to you, too! I take my daily vitamins, go to the gym regularly, and cook at home when I’m not required to go out and review restaurants. But sometimes you need a little extra boost – which is why I was so excited to learn about Cool Choice. […]

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Flashing Those Pearly Whites with Rob Lowe

Earlier this week, Rob Lowe joined Crest to help launch the Crest Healthier Smiles Project, which is a nationwide education program about the importance of good oral care for children. Along with the PTA and Feeding America, the project will donate 5 tubes of toothpaste to those who need it most if you take a picture of your smile and […]

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Donovan Green’s Chair Workouts App Makes Working Out Easy & Convenient

We always make resolutions during the beginning of the year, whether it’s to save money or lose weight, we somehow lose track of those resolutions. One of the reasons why is because we need that extra push or we need to change the way that we do what we need to do to achieve those resolutions. When it comes to […]

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Why I Love My FitBit Charge HR

When you get home from a long day, have achieved your @fitbit step goals thanks to @Verizon and reward yourself with some Harry Potter coloring time. #bettermatters #ad A photo posted by Manhattan with a Twist (@manhattantwist) on May 18, 2016 at 7:41pm PDT Thanks to Verizon, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the FitBit Charge HR for the […]

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Swork Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

I have never really been a believer in fitness apps, or the Instagram and Facebook videos that show you easy-to-do workout routines. I am an old fashioned type of girl, which means you can probably find a Taebo VHS tape somewhere in the back of my closet. After gaining a bunch of unwanted weight last year, I decided that this year I needed to […]

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