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Learn to Become Barefoot Strong

Did you know that you are missing out on an important type of fitness? Dr. Emily Splichal, a podiatrist, human movement specialist and author, recently held a special class at Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York City to introduce people to the key to movement longevity.  The fitness guru and doctor has done extensive research and study on how […]

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Warm Weather Beauty Essentials

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. With the arrival of warm weather comes a necessary change in your beauty regime. From skincare to hair care, all the way to make-up, it’s important to cater to the seasons and look your absolute best. We’ve got the products to help you get there! Bold brows are showing no […]

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Combat Your Quarter Life Skin Crisis with Origins

Famous natural skincare line, Origins, launched their first Millennial campaign recently, which aims to address both the biological and physiological changes that occur underneath the skin of people in their 20s. Through the brand’s extensive research on the most stressed out demographic in US history, they have developed the first quarter life crisis skincare product — Original Skin Renewal Serum […]

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Glam It Up at Caravan Stylist Studio

An innovative concept, Caravan Stylist Studio is an intimate spot that pairs celebrities, tastemakers and media influencers with top fashion designers and beauty experts, ensuring a top notch look. The studio, located on the first floor of the Carlton Hotel in New York City, partners up each year with a selection of different brands to both educate and glam up […]

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Rev Up Your Winter Beauty Routine with Karelén

Alright beauties, it’s time time to moisturize! With this harsh winter upon us, and seemingly not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s more important than ever to be taking care of your skin. A newly launched beauty brand called Karelén could just be the answer to your winter woes! All of Karelén’s products are made right here in the USA and […]

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Mortdecai and The Art of Shaving

Handsome Doesn’t Just Happen. That is the intriguing tagline for the new feature film Mortdecai. The Art of Shaving is a leading luxury men’s grooming brand that partnered up with Lionsgate to work on the this quirky film that brings together actors like Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Munn, and Ewan McGregor in this David Koepp directed movie. The Art of […]

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Say Bye-Bye to Unwanted Hair

A year ago I began laser hair removal sessions at Pulse Laser & Skincare Center. As a woman, it can be very frustrating dealing with pesky, unwanted hair and laser hair removal seemed like a great idea. Little did I know, Pulse Laser’s hair removal would change my life! As soon as you step off the elevator, you can smell […]

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Fuel Up Your Workout Plan with Denise Austin

A New Year means new resolutions and a new you. So why not start off the year on the right foot by trying out Denise Austin’s 10 Week, 360⁰ Plan? A lot of people make losing weight one of their resolutions for the new year, because who doesn’t want to start the new year off being healthy? It’s a known fact […]

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Pucker Up for Vegan Products

Becky Sturm, President and Founder of StormSister Spatique, has created a line of vegan lipsticks that are a great gift for the holidays (or anytime, really). Becky Sturm is a beauty industry expert who is also a hairdresser, esthetician, and manicurist who has created this lipstick line to showcase the different types of vegan products. We have heard of vegan […]

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Tone It Up in the New Year

If you are having trouble giving that special someone a gift for this holiday season you should look into two boards that are helping people get in shape and stay fit in a convenient way. If you have friends that are already planning on losing weight for the New Year and staying healthy — either fitness addicted friends or friends […]

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