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Taking Sleep to the Next Level with Tempur-Pedic

According to, almost half of American adults do not feel as though they get enough sleep. You can help minimize the chances of a bad night’s sleep by treating yourself to the most comfortable and innovative mattresses and bedding available on the market. Last week, we enjoyed breakfast in bed with Tempur-Pedic, who introduced us to some of their amazing […]

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Get Back Out There This Summer with OFF!

Did you know that almost all Americans (97%) think it’s important to spend time outside, but only two-thirds (67%) believe they don’t get enough time out there?! Well, according to a survey by OFF!, Americans believe that bugs are the number one condition keeping them inside. The truth is, you don’t have to let the bugs win this summer, thanks […]

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Namaste: A Look Inside New York’s Dharma Yoga Center

With an abundance of gyms and fitness centers, both small boutiques and large chains, all over the city, New Yorkers often rely on word of mouth to find a place to get their sweat on. Dharma Yoga Center, conveniently located in the Flatiron District, stands out from the plethora of other yoga studios in the city, offering a welcoming and […]

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Fabulous Fitness Finds

If you’re a workout buff, then you know that there are just some things you can’t live without. Whether you work up a sweat in the gym, at a class, outside, or in the pool, you can never leave home without the essentials. No matter what season, these fabulous fitness finds will keep you going like the energizer bunny. Doing […]

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You Plus: Work Your Way To A Better You

Living a consistently healthy and active lifestyle is a lot like whistling. It seems pretty simple, but if you don’t have any idea how to do it or where to start, it can be difficult and confusing, resulting in nothing but frustration and a lot of drool on your chin. For some people, dedicating themselves to health and fitness comes […]

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YoDerm: Bringing The Dermatologist To You

If you’re anything like me, one of the biggest reasons you put off appointments (or avoid them altogether) is because of the hassle of making the time to get there and back. It’s so difficult to fit a trip to the doctor into our busy schedules, what with the transportation time required, the duration of the actual visit itself, then […]

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Learn to Become Barefoot Strong

Did you know that you are missing out on an important type of fitness? Dr. Emily Splichal, a podiatrist, human movement specialist and author, recently held a special class at Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York City to introduce people to the key to movement longevity.  The fitness guru and doctor has done extensive research and study on how […]

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Warm Weather Beauty Essentials

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. With the arrival of warm weather comes a necessary change in your beauty regime. From skincare to hair care, all the way to make-up, it’s important to cater to the seasons and look your absolute best. We’ve got the products to help you get there! Bold brows are showing no […]

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Combat Your Quarter Life Skin Crisis with Origins

Famous natural skincare line, Origins, launched their first Millennial campaign recently, which aims to address both the biological and physiological changes that occur underneath the skin of people in their 20s. Through the brand’s extensive research on the most stressed out demographic in US history, they have developed the first quarter life crisis skincare product — Original Skin Renewal Serum […]

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Glam It Up at Caravan Stylist Studio

An innovative concept, Caravan Stylist Studio is an intimate spot that pairs celebrities, tastemakers and media influencers with top fashion designers and beauty experts, ensuring a top notch look. The studio, located on the first floor of the Carlton Hotel in New York City, partners up each year with a selection of different brands to both educate and glam up […]

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