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Cocktails To Be Thankful For at Thanksgiving

Not many holidays are more exciting than Thanksgiving. Family, friends, and food! Every year we look forward to stuffing our faces with all the classics, but we always need something to wash it down with. And because family can be difficult, and politics are sure to come up at many a dinner table this year, cocktails are a great way […]

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Just Chill: The World’s First Calming Drink

It’s time to chill out! Just Chill, a new beverage, is the world’s first calming drink that is specially designed to help reduce stress and improve focus. The tasty bev utilizes a unique amino acid called SunTheanine (a form of L-theanine, found in green tea), which is the only clinically studied and patented form of L-theanine available. The supplement has […]

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Illy Hosts the First Annual International Coffee Awards

In a magnificent dining room overlooking the East River, Illy Coffee hosted a fabulous dinner to celebrate their recent crop of international coffee awards. Fittingly held at the UN, you couldn’t throw a pebble without locating and striking up a conversation with someone from a different county, who spoke a different language, and who works in a completely different industry […]

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Celebrate Halloween in Style with Captain Morgan’s New Fall Flavors

Captain Morgan rolled out their new Fall rum flavors at Blood Manor, one of the creepiest haunted houses around, in preparation for this weekend’s impending Halloween celebrations. Captain Morgan’s Jack-O’Blast is the first pumpkin spiced rum on the market, and offers a delightful array of ways to enjoy the beloved flavors of fall. Cannon Blast, a companion product to Jack-O’Blast, emphasizes […]

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Our Favorite Wines for Fall

Fall has…fallen? But that’s no need to fall into a dull routine. Spice up the chilly nights with a glass of wine. It’s what gets us through the long days ahead! Need some variation on your rack? Here are our favorite newly discovered wines that will be great all season long. Something a little bit different in the wine realm, […]

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Celebrate Halloween with Some Brew-Ha-Ha

If tantalizing your tastebuds is on the menu for Halloween this year, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Adults need fun flavors, too, and luckily, you can indulge in the form of a cocktail. Here are some of our favorite Halloween cocktails to liven up your party or night out. Pumpkin Spice Latté (Courtesy of The Lindeman) 2 oz pumpkin spice […]

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Happy Hour Monster Makes It Easy to Booze and Chill

Working in New York, there are always those days when you plan a girl’s night out, or a night out with the coworkers and sometimes it is a little difficult to find the perfect bar. Not only is it tough to find the perfect spot, but even harder is scoring a good deal. We now have an app for nearly […]

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Four Liquors You Haven’t Heard of (But You Probably Should)

Are you tired of ordering the same drink every time you get to a bar simply because you don’t know how to expand your horizons?  Read on to learn how to mix things up, both literally and figuratively. Nolet’s Dry Gin Summertime and the living is…gin and tonic season. If you’re a G&T fan who can’t bear the thought of […]

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HENRI’s Backyard is Bringing the Best Backyard Straight to You

More of a companion piece than a sequel, the second Brooklyn-based restaurant by restauranteur Binh Douglas of the HENRI Hospitality Group is off to a great start. In a cozy space previously occupied by the Pickle Shack, Henri’s Backyard is a “bar-forward” laid back environment in which to sip a cocktail and an assortment of snacks under the protective canopy […]

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Solitary Cellars Goes Behind Bars to Make Outstanding Wine

Wine and jail. Not normally two things that go together. Unless you’re Greg Bergersen and Rick Quesada. These two entrepreneurs are both former corrections officers at California’s Valley State Prison in Chowchilla, and now they run a wine business! Back in 2014, the pair started up Solitary Cellars Wine Company (get it?) and since then it has achieved much success. […]

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