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Four Roses Bourbon Solutes Fallen Soldiers

Four Roses Bourbon recently held the Second Charity Cocktail Challenge for the Folded Flag Foundation, which helps families of fallen heroes with educational scholarships, financial hardships, and more through public donations. The beauty of this non-profit organization is that 100% of donations go to families in need, as well as the organization serves to honor the legacy of, and pay tribute to the bravest […]

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Putting the ‘elit’ in Elite on World Martini Day

The vodka martini is one of the most iconic cocktails around the country. There’s this sophistication and prestige you feel when ordering one…at least, I always feel classy when I order one. To celebrate World Martini Day, elit Vodka decided to pay homage to classic cocktail in style. Held at the posh Marmara Hotel’s Penthouse, elit by Stolichnaya launched a […]

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Rémy Martin Celebrates National Cognac Day

It seems like there is a food or drink holiday every day, but how do you really celebrate the day? Enter Rémy Martin, one of the leading cognac brands in the world. So when National Cognac Day comes around, it is no surprise that they know how to celebrate. The all day celebration began with Rémy Martin taking to the […]

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The Dash of Bitters in Your Cocktail

Every bartender knows that the key to making the ideal cocktail includes bitters. A popular ingredient in drinks prior to prohibition, bitters have been around for centuries and have gained popularity in recent years with the rise of craft cocktails. One company that left their mark on the cocktail industry is The Bitter Truth, with their wide selection of bitters and […]

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Summer ’16 Rooftop Destinations to Try All Season

It’s warming up out there, and any New Yorker knows what that means: drinking on rooftops. New York has a finite amount of space, and since we lack the possibility of expanding sideways, we opt for building up and up.  Rooftop bars are in abundance simply because when we want to be outside, we go up. Whether it’s a super […]

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My Kind of Cinco with Sauza Tequila

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Today celebrates Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla and there is no bigger holiday for tequila than today. We teamed up with Sauza Tequila, to bring you inspiration for your Cinco de Mayo (or Cinco de Drinko as some like to call it). If you’re hosting friends for today’s holiday, there’s no easier way to […]

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Patrón’s Margarita of the Year

It’s that time of year again — the time when Patrón lovers gather to select the Patrón Margarita of the Year out of the top three finalists. The premier celebration featured music, passed hors d’oeuvres, shaken margaritas and an interactive experience that only Patrón can give. Held in the beautiful area of Dumbo, Brooklyn, guests were treated upon arrival with […]

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It’s Cold Brew Coffee Season!

Cold brew coffee is a trend that is growing rapidly. During the spring and summer months, nothing is more refreshing than a nice cup of cold brew, am I right? Lottie Terzi, the founder of Brooklyn Diamond Coffee was determined to brew a cold brew coffee that she could enjoy that wasn’t like all the rest. Brooklyn Diamond Coffee was founded […]

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Walter’s Coffee is Brewing in Brooklyn

It’s been three years since chemistry teacher Walter White heated things up on the infamous television series Breaking Bad, and fans are still trying to find a way to get their fix. Enter Deniz Kosan, an entrepreneur that got the inspiration to open Walter’s Coffee Roastery from an episode of the series. After opening the original location in Istanbul, Kosan is venturing into […]

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Time and Oak: The Perfect Gift for Whiskey Lovers Everywhere

Time and Oak whiskey elements brings a personalized touch to even the most routine drinker’s glass of whiskey. By giving the spirit the greatest possible access to wood, the science behind Time & Oak results in a whiskey that is smoother, richer, and more delicious. The instructions are simple: drop one Whiskey Element in a 750ml bottle of whiskey or preferred spirit, wait 24 hours while […]

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