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Stars, Stripes and Sparkles

Fourth of July is the nation’s day to be as patriotic as possible, in just about everything from clothes to plates. The opportunities to dress up on this fun filled day are just about endless, so long as you include a little red, white, and blue. While not everyone is into going to see the fireworks, here are some outfit […]

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Masculine Chic: Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion

  Written by Sandra Rose Salathe It’s no secret that us woman spend a sufficient amount of time obsessing over what to wear. With the weather heating up, (thanks to the start of summer), that obsession transforms into a full on state of mania. But what a lot of us woman fail to realize is that men have just as […]

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Trend Alert: The Era of Grunge

As we’ve noticed, fashion is known to work in cycles; great trends are always inevitably resurrected and put back onto the runways and racks. It is now once again, the era of grunge. With 90’s roots tied to bands such as Alice in Chains, and all things ripped, flannel & rugged, grunge has made a comeback like never before. It’s […]

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Summer Fun: Beach Bag Accessories

Summer time screams fun, sun, and hopefully for most weekends or days off, at the beach! With all the great bathing suits and sandals available, having a perfectly accessorized beach bag is a summer must. While driving to the beach with friends and planning a gorgeous beach day, a few things to pack along in that bag should be: Summer […]

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Naadam Cashmere: Changing the Cashmere Industry for the Better

At 70 degree weather here in New York, cashmere might just be the last material on your mind. But what if I told you that that particular cashmere piece is not only stylish and high quality, but it also gives back to where it came from; which is the Mongolian Nomadic culture. That’s exactly what Naadam Cashmere does. Based in […]

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LXR & Co. Providing Vintage & Luxury at Up to 80% Off

With temperatures rising, and the need for bulky layers falling, a woman’s best friends become her accessories. After stumbling upon LXR & Co.  I knew I found the perfect site for lovers of vintage and luxury everywhere. Starting from their very successful store and branch in Beverly Hills, CA, founded by Frederick Mannella, LXR International decided to make things even […]

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One Haute Summer: What to Wear

As the city’s temperature begins to hint at the sweltering summer to come, it is necessary for one’s look to follow suit – sandals replace boots and the search for a perfect bag for all those weekend beach jaunts becomes a priority. In order to best enjoy all a New York (and its environs) summer has to offer, it is […]

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Style At Your Fingertips: TopShelf Clothes

Tired of purchasing clothes online that you aren’t really in love with? Sick of running around the mall looking for the perfect outfit? TopShelf is the solution to your clothing woes! TopShelf is an online clothing portal that learns your unique style and provides insightful suggestions for the lady on-the-go. Using an elite network of stylists, comprehensive customer data and […]

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The Perfect Summer Handbag

Yes, it’s been raining like it’s April lately, but we know the sun will come out to play soon (fingers crossed!). Ditch your heavy beach tote and grab a fun, bright handbag to take you from not to hot this Summer. Oscar and Anna has introduced the perfect solution with their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which offers versatile, compact and bold […]

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Slammin’ Sample Sales & Terrific Trunk Shows

Soft and cozy Christopher Fischer Cashmere will be having a great sample sale May 16-19th from 10am until 7pm. Many celebrities are a fan of this luxurious clothing line, including Taylor Swift and Emma Watson. The sale will take place at 80 Wooster Street. Amazing jewelry, PONO by Joan Goodman, will be hosting its annual summer sample sale, with everything […]

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