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AMCONYC Wear Your Label & Black Phumelele

Millennials are doing some kick-ass things in the fashion industry. AMCONYC is a production and coordination agency whose main goal is to showcase the phenomenal things that millennials are doing in the industry. This New York Fashion Week AMCONYC put together a group of shows featuring emerging designers, and I had the pleasure of attending the Black Phumelele and Wear […]

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Simple Silhouettes Are Key with Olga Pastyrnak

A woman can never have too many dresses in her wardrobe, especially that special little black dress. Whether it’s a day at the office or a hot date, the LBD can be dressed down with a pair of cute flats and a blazer or dressed up with a pair of heels and a stunning piece of jewelry. It’s a timeless staple […]

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#203 Brings Classic and Timeless Jewelry to the US

With the amount of jewelry makers out there it is always hard to find that one brand that is unique and puts effort, love, and hard work into developing classic and beautiful pieces for their consumers. #203 Jewelry is a brand that features handmade fine jewelry by designer Kousuke Ohdate. This is the first time that the brand will be […]

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Inside Vivienne Hu’s Showroom

If you haven’t heard of the name Vivienne Hu, let me the first to introduce you to her. Originally from China, Vivienne Hu left her hometown at 18 years old to pursue the world of banking. By 2006, she was making a name for herself in investment banking, but things changed and she decided she wanted to be a designer. […]

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Men’s Undies Target Comfort and Safe Sex

Men are comfortable about discussing almost anything with each other, but when it comes to fashion it can be taboo. Whether it is a designer shirt or pants, it’s a topic that doesn’t get enough attention and it is time to bare it all. There is no better way to start then with the perfect pair of underwear for the […]

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Plakinger: Dressing the Modern Day Woman

German brand Plakinger was founded by Svetlana Ziggel and her mother Galina Plakinger, and features luxurious clothing made with exquisite fabric that encompasses a modern femininity with a timeless feel. This is the brand that every woman should look to when dressing to take charge and address the boardroom, or to go out and take over the world. I’ve always loved […]

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Fun with Festival Fashion

With the Spring season comes the birds, flowers, sunshine…and, of course, festivals! Now that the weather is getting warmer, you will see that a lot of festivals have begun and most notably is Coachella. And if you haven’t heard of Coachella, then you need to get out of that rock you are living under. While Coachella is an annual music […]

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Perfect Eyewear That Won’t Break the Bank

Last summer I discovered the wonderful world of eyewear with Firmoo’s top notch sunglasses. Since then, I have become a contact lense/glasses wearer and so partnering with the world’s largest online glasses retailer again seemed like a no brainer.  The online optical store has a gigantic selection of unisex eyewear, including both prescription and non-prescription glasses, and tinted, polarized and […]

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Innovation in Activewear Brought to You by DanRoy

There are those of us who just throw on any old comfortable outfit to get in a good workout, and there are those who like to wear clothes that show off their fashion sense. With Active Cashmere by DanRoy not only will you be showing off some serious sense of fashion, but the line will also keep you warm while […]

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Kamilah Willacy’s Art-Chitecture Inspired Clutches

I have recently become very obsessed with clutches, and I love discovering new brands that will appease my clutch appetite. It is so easy to show off your sense of style with a clutch, especially when you have brands like Edie Parker making it cool to rock a flashy clutch. There is now an even bigger demand for unique handbags […]

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