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End of the Year Celebration: Top 10 Off and Off-Off Broadway Productions of 2016

Last year I started this article with a celebration of surviving the madness that is the holiday season. Well, this year I start this with a big: WE SURVIVED 2016! What a year, folks! There are many reasons we will remember 2016, some great, some not so great. Mostly we will remember this year as the potential moment that changed […]

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Just Another Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Oh, you know…just another holiday gift guide for all you last minute shoppers. Somehow the holidays always manage to sneak up on us, but we’ve got an eclectic mix of gifts to suit everyone on your shopping list. Perfect for any man in your life, be it a friend, husband, boyfriend or father, UncommonGreen‘s glassware collection is out of this […]

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“Alligator” is a Tale of Two Plays; One Has Bite

Life is not pretty. It usually isn’t. We go through it romanticizing moments to create beautiful narratives that makes memories that have the glamour they lacked when they happened. This practice is even extended to how we remember places and write them in history. This way we end up with a life sometimes more worth living than if we decide […]

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“Old Times” Haunts Us with the Past

The ghosts of our past are ones we have to learn to live with. They exist around us, stick to us, drain our spirit if we let them. In “Old Times” by Harold Pinter, the ghosts of the past are real and they invade the present life of a couple that has escaped the big city and its ghosts to […]

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“No Man’s Land” is a Good Example of How Bold Theater Can Be

Let me begin to say this: art is not supposed to provide a safe space for anyone. Art is a reflection of society, theater its stage mirror. I say this not only because of recent events, but because it does fit with this review. You see, on Friday night an audience came to see a show billed as “No Man’s […]

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Seductive and Dangerous: “Richard III” by The Bridge Group

“A horse, a horse, my Kingdom for a horse!” an actor utters in front of an audience. This is possibly the fifth time I’ve seen this line being said to an audience that I was part of. I’ve seen around that many iterations of the Duke of Gloucester’s rise into kinghood, catch him being both devilish in some and boorish […]

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Time Out NY Love Awards Brings New Yorkers Together

On a chilly November evening, Time Out New York sponsored a wonderful event that brought consumers, press, and small business owners together to celebrate New York’s favorites. Awarded by neighborhood and category (restaurant, bar, cafés, shops, and local culture), voters were able to select their top picks from the community they hold dear. The event itself was a splashy, memorable […]

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“Terms of Endearment” Plays Like the Greatest Hits of an Outdated Film

“Terms of Endearment” is a beloved eighties film that tells the tale of women in the South, finding their place in a man’s world and keeping each other strong through it all. The film went to win its fair share of Academy Awards, and on its way, it managed to achieve a status that was unrivaled in the genre for years. Now, […]

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“Rapture, Blister, Burn” Brings Us Deep Into What It Means To Be A Woman

Theater is such an interesting monster. It’s a place where discussions can happen while a story forms around them. It’s a place where we not only suspend our disbelief, but accept it as fact… for at least the runtime of the show. It’s a place where, in the most intimate of venues, we are close to the stranger of bedfellows. […]

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Discover the Trendiest Venues with Heat App

Apps have completely changed the way that we communicate, eat, travel, and even sleep. There is an app out there for any and everything right now. New York City is the “City That Never Sleeps” and for a good reason. The main reason being that there are so many things to do in New York City, even a native New Yorker […]

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