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Wake Up and See The Awake at 59E59 Theaters

Ken Urban’s The Awake is a disturbing and darkly humorous take on the latent hypocrisies of American society, told through three disparate storylines. Showing at 59E59 Theaters and featuring an ensemble cast that includes Maulik Pancholy, perhaps best known for his role as Jonathan on 30 Rock, the play slowly forges links between all the characters through a mixture or […]

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Rave Reviews for Bully at NYC’s Fringe Festival

Even before the start of the show, Lee J. Kaplan’s performance is in full swing as viewers attempt to find their seats. Kaplan exercises strenuously, jumping rope, boxing and fighting his imaginary demons. Bully, a one man show by Lee J. Kaplan, shown during NYC’s Fringe Festival, is a visceral experience encapsulating his intense meditations on being bullied as a […]

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The Balvenie Meets Todd Snyder, “Artisan Accalmation”

Balvenie whiskey has teamed up with men’s fashion wear company Todd Snyder to give homage to handmade crafts. The partnership was created on Balvenie’s behalf, to create a multi-city showcase celebrating artisan crafts and goods from all over the United States.  The artistry involved in performing a professional craft is far greater than most will give thought to.  With many boutiques opening up […]

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Two Thumbs Up for First Date

  When tightly wound Aaron (Zachary Levi) is set up with serial-dater Casey (Krysta Rodriguez) a quick drink at a busy New York restaurant turns into a hilarious, high-stakes dinner.  As the date unfolds in real time, the couple quickly finds they are not alone on this date as Casey and Aaron’s inner critics take on a life of their own […]

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Ghetto Babylon – Baseball n’ Babes at 59E59

Set in the South Bronx in 1982, Michael Mejias’ Ghetto Babylon follows the dilemmas 14-year-old Charlie Rosa encounters one August. Charlie is poor but ambitious, dealing with the recent loss of his mother and the expectations of his two best friends. The three boys are passionate about baseball, and as the summer wears on, they advance through an important tournament; […]

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Exploring “Standards and Horizons”

Stepping off the sweltering pavement into the well air-conditioned Chelsea lobby, I welcomed the idea of being at an exhibition in a dimly lit, cool basement.  As I stepped from the elevator into the space, I was coerced into taking a closer look by the bright lights glaring through windows into boundless depth. The space I’ve described is the new […]

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Bring on the Drama & Crack Open Some Wine

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a glass or two of vino on occasion, which is why Manhattan with a Twist is excited for next week’s release of You Will Be My Son. The movie, which opens August 16th in select theaters from Cohen Media Group, is a French family drama set in a prestigious vineyard in Saint Emilion, France. […]

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Voice Tunnel

For the first time ever, the Park Avenue Tunnel is open to the public as part of a large scale light and sound installation. Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozana-Hemmer, known for his interactive works, transforms the conventional Park Avenue Tunnel into an energetic community for visitors to be immersed. Titled Voice Tunnel, the 1,400 foot long tunnel morphs into a lively community […]

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Get Seduced by Arcana Lace

There are burlesque shows…and then there are burlesque shows. Wild Cherryz Burlesque has recently introduced their new, monthly show, titled Arcana Lace. The show takes place each month at The Cutting Room, which is a spectacle in and of itself. Creator of Wild Cherryz Burlesque, Elizabeth DeGennaro helms the shows as both producer and director. The show has a sexy and […]

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Nicole Saenz: An Artist On The Rise

Nicole Saenz, a local NYC artist shines at a Goldbar event! It’s funny; we see many artists living in NYC everyday, and yes, many of them are very talented, but Nicole’s work certainly stood out among the rest due to its dark and sultry, yet surreal, appeal. I was able to sit down with Nicole at an event featuring her […]

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