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Art & Wine Intermingle at the Guggenheim

Nothing beats a night of discovering art and wine. Last week, Allegrini, a leading wine producer in the Valpolicella Classico area in the northeastern Italian region of the Veneto, celebrated the 30th anniversary of their most acclaimed single vineyard wines. The celebration took place at the Guggenheim Museum, where guests were able to check out the recently opened exhibition by […]

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Eat! Drink! Italy!

Italy is at your fingertips come July 6th, 2013.  A new show will air on channel 13, hosted by Vic Rallo, a New Jersey Restaurateur and well-known wine critic. Rallo went from earning a law degree to owning and operating Basil T’s Brewery and Italian Grill in Red Bank, NJ and Undici Taverna Rustica in Rumson, NJ. Both restaurants have […]

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Six Things: Sagmeister & Walsh at The Jewish Museum

Happiness is the focal point in a new exhibit at The Jewish Museum. In “Six Things: Sagmeister & Walsh,” the Austrian born artist Stefan Sagmeister delves into the six tenets of happiness that he believes has contributed to his own personal happiness. Since 2000, Sagmeister has investigated the cultural and regional meanings of happiness. Is it possible to make ourselves […]

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Enjoy Opera Al Fresco at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This past Monday, the Gotham Chamber Opera, an organization dedicated to staging lesser-known works in intimate settings, held a production of La hija de Rappaccini at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The opera, composed by Daniel Catán and written by Juan Tovar, draws inspiration from a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne and a play by Octavio Paz. It first premiered in […]

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Gutless & Grateful: An Inspiring Performance

“When your feeling down about your life… think about how lucky you are”- Amy Oestreicher These were just some of the inspiring words from this brave, bold, and beautiful survivor. Gutless and Grateful: A Second Helping is the true story of how Amy, as a child, who was an aspiring theater star, had her world turned upside down. She was […]

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One to Watch: Carlo Sampietro PopDogs

If there’s one artist you should remember after attending last weekend’s Figment NYC, it’s Carlo Sampietro. The Italian-born artist displayed his work, “PopDogs,” at the Governors Island interactive art exhibit. His work, which stands tall at 14 feet and contains 1,000 dogs, spews forth these dogs from a giant popcorn machine. His work of art is a commentary on overwhelming […]

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Manna-Hata Takes Live Theater To Manhattan’s Roots, Literally

Playwright Barry Rowell said he wanted his new play, Manna-Hata, to be an experience and not a story. Well, set to a walking tour of the historic James A. Farley Post Office on 8th Avenue, an experience it certainly was. The show, which tells the extraordinary true story of the beginnings of our beloved New York City, shares tales featuring […]

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Revert to Childhood at The Rain Room

In this day and age it’s really rare that the average person stops and takes in all the beauty of the world. At the Rain Room, a temporary exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art, your inner child comes out to play and takes in the wonder of this science-meets-art display. The exhibit is part of MoMA PS1 exhibition EXPO […]

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3×3, or 9 After 9: Do You Know What Your Neighbors Are Doing?

Over the weekend, The Survivalists, a newly formed theatre group, officially launched as they presented the premiere of 3×3, or 9 After 9 at The Access Theater. The show is highly relatable, as it focuses on the going ons of neighbors in an apartment building. Written by Michael Christopher, Shane Breaux and Kevin Brewer, the off-beat comedy features a cast […]

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

While we all appreciate the yearly occasion to celebrate all the great things our dad’s have done for us, it can lead to a stressful time trying to come up with the perfect gift. Fret not! We’ve got some great ideas that are sure to make your pop one happy camper. Duke & Winston, an East Coast inspired clothing line […]

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