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“Surf or Turf” Experience at Kimpton’s 70 Park Hotel

As the summer pushes forward, it’s time to take advantage of this beautiful weather if you haven’t already.  Kimpton’s Midtown hotel is no exception.  With a superb location, nestled close to Grand Central Station, this hotel offers a personal and intimate atmosphere.  Offered now as a promotion, the “surf or turf city” deal is a great way to relax and let […]

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Beckett in Benghazi

Beckett in Benghazi starts with the introductory scene from playwright Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. It seems like a serious, dramatic effort at first, until one of the actors breaks out of his role and forgets his lines. The tired cast is rehearsing for their roles in Endgame with little effort and passion. The show centers on a theater company, comprised of […]

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Divine Felines at the Brooklyn Museum

Last week, the Brooklyn Museum unveiled a long-term exhibition entitled Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt. The show only occupies a single room of the Egyptian art wing, but a surprising amount has been fit inside. It is fairly well-known that cats were the subjects of some reverence in ancient Egyptian society, though the reasons why are not clearly explained. […]

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Flyin’ High: Covered Sky

Aera Dance, an aerial dance company based in Brooklyn, premiered a new show last week called Covered Sky. Aera Dance frequently puts on fun, exciting, and unique productions that showcase original choreography and utilize three-dimensional structures such as fabric, poles and ropes to create a multifaceted performance art experience. The new show ran from July 24-28 at New York Live […]

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Oh, What a Night!

If you’re an ’80s baby like me, then you most likely grew up listening to the same jams as your parents — you know, good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. Even today, when I hear an oldie song on the radio I get excited, which is why I was psyched to see The Hit Men, featuring members of Frankie Valli’s The […]

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East to Edinburgh Brings Festival Fringe to NYC

The 2013 East to Edinburgh festival is an annual event of a delightful array of American shows on their way to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Without the need to travel to Europe to see these humorous, wacky, and serious shows, you can now spend some extra cash seeing as many as you want! The festival begins today at 59E59 Theaters […]

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Behind the Scenes of the World Premiere of Butterflies of Bill Baker

Over the weekend, The DL hosted an intimate reception in celebration of the world premiere of the film, “Butterflies of Bill Baker.” The film debuted as part of the Manhattan Film Festival and stars Will Chase (‘Smash,’ 2013 Tony Nominee), Sterling Jerins (‘WWZ,’ ‘The Conjuring’), Zuzanna Szadkowski (‘Gossip Girl’), Marin Hinkle (‘Two and a Half Men’) and Olek Krupa (‘X-Men’). […]

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Art & Wine Intermingle at the Guggenheim

Nothing beats a night of discovering art and wine. Last week, Allegrini, a leading wine producer in the Valpolicella Classico area in the northeastern Italian region of the Veneto, celebrated the 30th anniversary of their most acclaimed single vineyard wines. The celebration took place at the Guggenheim Museum, where guests were able to check out the recently opened exhibition by […]

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Eat! Drink! Italy!

Italy is at your fingertips come July 6th, 2013.  A new show will air on channel 13, hosted by Vic Rallo, a New Jersey Restaurateur and well-known wine critic. Rallo went from earning a law degree to owning and operating Basil T’s Brewery and Italian Grill in Red Bank, NJ and Undici Taverna Rustica in Rumson, NJ. Both restaurants have […]

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Six Things: Sagmeister & Walsh at The Jewish Museum

Happiness is the focal point in a new exhibit at The Jewish Museum. In “Six Things: Sagmeister & Walsh,” the Austrian born artist Stefan Sagmeister delves into the six tenets of happiness that he believes has contributed to his own personal happiness. Since 2000, Sagmeister has investigated the cultural and regional meanings of happiness. Is it possible to make ourselves […]

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