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On The Secret Language of Dogs

In the last few years, the luxury pet market has become a very lucrative consumerist niche. Thus, it is not surprising that Jocelyn Kessler’s The Secret Language of Dogs made it to print. The author is a Hollywood-based “dog psychic” who aids humans in better understanding their canine companions, and her book is a compendium of anecdotes and lessons from […]

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This is How…To Write a Great Self-Help Book

For most, Augusten Burroughs‘ name is synonymous with his best-selling memoir, Running with Scissors, an account of his troubled and, at times, disturbing adolescence in Western Massachusetts. His most recent work, This is How: Surviving What You Think You Can’t, is quite a different venture; in chapters with titles like, “How to Hold On to Your Dream or Maybe Not,” “How to End Your Life,” […]

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