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It’s All About the Bride! Our Chat with Alexis Wolfer of TheBeautyBean

I adore weddings. How can you not —the dresses, the champagne, the flowers? In full disclosure, I’m a bit more giddy about weddings this year because I myself, am getting married this year! So are you getting married this spring? Next Spring? Or maybe you’re a bridesmaid in your BFF’s wedding? Yes, wedding season is fast approaching, but not to […]

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Feeling Fancy? Have Afternoon Tea at Home!

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis I love tea. My collections of tea and mugs are extensive. One of my favorite holiday traditions with my friends is to go to a pretty and cozy local tea house. How do I create the perfect tea experience at […]

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How to Complete Your Daunting Reading List in 2016

January is the time of year when everyone jump starts their New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I don’t really believe in resolutions. If there’s something you want to change in your life or a goal you want to achieve, I think you should start it right away and not wait for a New Year to begin. But that doesn’t mean there […]

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If These Jewels Could Talk

It’s no secret that we all sit in anticipation waiting for award season. Sure, we’re interested in who’s taking home the statue. But who are we kidding? The red carpet arrivals have turned into their own show. What celebrity is wearing what designer is the question everyone wants to know. While the lavish gowns are major, the glamorous jewelry celebrities […]

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Take Adult Coloring to the Next Level

Adult coloring books are the latest, hottest trend. Personally, I’ve been coloring in coloring books since high school and people thought I was super dorky, but I always found it to be a great stress reliever. So now that it’s the new cool thing to do, I’m happy to find coloring books actually catered to adults…no offense Hello Kitty, but […]

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Tempting the Devil in the Name of God

Howard Beckman has been many things, but boring is not one of them. Yogi, gemologist, father, Ayurvedic expert, astronomical guru, husband, heroin addict, international drug trafficker. Survivor of both the Thai and American penal system. Writer, motivational speaker. Animal lover. Friend. These are all descriptors that can be employed to describe him, and yet none of them are singularly able […]

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Drinking the Devil’s Acre

When I received word that I was invited to a book reading about San Francisco and its cocktails, I couldn’t have been more elated. I spent a year in the historic city; ironically enough, as a bartender. I slang cocktails and poured fancy wine for eight hours a day. After work, my hipsters friends and I would hit up the […]

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Tragedy, Grief, and Self-Discovery in a Time of War

How do we move on from the past? How do we define ourselves after tragedy? Pam Jenoff, author of the popular novel, The Kommandant’s Girl, explores these issues in her new book, The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach. In 1941, Adelia Monteforte, an Italian Jewish teenager, is suddenly put on a boat and sent to America for safety. Alone in a new country, […]

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Sunrise, Sunset: A Room with a Different View

One constant that occurs every day is the rising and setting of the sun. However, that same constant changes each day: no sunrise or sunset is the same. Each new day is a new beginning. In Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude, book publicist and writer, Kim Weiss, uses photography to share this message. “When I see the sun rise, […]

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A Blast From the Past: First Person America

A piece of the past has returned to the present with Ann Banks’ audiobook First Person America. Originally published in paperback in 1991, Audible recently released the audio version with award-winning broadcaster Tony Kahn narrating the book. Banks takes the lost history of Americans during the 1930’s and transforms it into a powerful read that shows the lives of people […]

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