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Whiskey Feast Comes to NYC

Anyone who regularly reads Manhattan with a Twist knows that I’m no stranger to whiskey. So when I heard that an event called Whiskey Feast is coming to the city this weekend, I knew I had to learn more. This amazing food and drink festival from Cannonball Productions (they’re the superstars behind the Bacon and Beer Classic), will take place […]

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Cool Off This Summer at Pergola

We’re about to embark on the last month of summer and one of our favorite Mediterranean spots in the city is turning up the volume just in time. Pergola, located in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, is offering customers a couple new incentives to get out of your air-conditioned apartment this August. Head to their ‘Summer Sessions’ events every summer Friday and […]

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NOLET’s Gin Takes Over The Palm Court at The Plaza

One of the city’s most iconic places is upping its game with a pairing not to be missed. The Plaza Hotel‘s Palm Court has introduced a cocktail and dessert pairing that provides New Yorkers with the perfect respite from the hot summer days. In partnership with NOLET’s Gin, The Palm Court has introduced two cocktail and dessert pairings that you […]

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It’s All Fun and Games at E’s Bar

If there’s one spot I wish was in my neighborhood, it’s e’s Bar on the Upper West Side (why so far??). You may remember that the beloved bar closed due to a fire back in February, but luckily it’s back and better than ever. So what makes this bar different from the others? Its nostalgic vibes make it a fun, […]

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The Anthony Glamorizes the Segue from Dinner to Nightlife

In a city that is over-saturated with bars and restaurants, it’s often difficult to stand out, especially on a busy thoroughfare like Bleecker Street. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a bar in Greenwich Village, and most establishments need to don multiple personas in order to maintain a steady flow of clientele. The Anthony is such a place. The […]

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Bar Schimmi and Patricia Field Celebrate Art in BK

Bar Schimmi, a siphoned-off area of the larger nightclub space Schimanski’s, is a brand new lounge as artfully decorated with paintings as it is with people. Guests of all walks of life, with style profiles ranging from the outrageous to the conservative, showed up to celebrate a new iteration of a Williamsburg hot spot and an old-school style icon. In […]

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La Milagrosa Breathes New Life Into An Old Concept

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of speakeasies, a new one comes along that makes you rethink if the genre is dead. When you arrive at La Milagrosa, you’ll wonder if you’ve gotten the wrong address. The night I went, I walked into what appears to be a bodega (which actually sells hard-to-find traditional Mexican ingredients) and spoke […]

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No Fun on the LES is Anything But

A dimly lit bar reminiscent of the old LES sits across the street from the flashy Ludlow hotel, one of the more recent additions to this stretch of Ludlow street. Cozy and welcoming, this wood-paneled bar, complete with heat lamps, is easily a place you could make your neighborhood bar if you live in the area. While No Fun has […]

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Roxx Reloaded: A Fan Favorite Gets a Face Lift

If you’re walking through Midtown East, it is highly possible that you’ll walk right past Sushi Roxx, and outrageous and all around fun restaurant of Real Housewives fame. Don’t let its docile exterior fool you; inside lies a raucous and completely wondrous take on an establishment serving Japanese cuisine. If you’re unfamiliar, all of the servers at Sushi Roxx are […]

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Taking Risks with Sapporo & Blind Barber

Beer, burgers, and…haircuts?! Yup, that was the theme of the evening for the Blind Barber‘s inaugural Epic Risks, Great Rewards event. The barbershop and speakeasy teamed up with Sapporo beer to launch an original video series highlighting risk takers. Both brands were started by risky moves — Sapporo founder Seibei Nakagawa left Japan for Germany at 17 and went on […]

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