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Kobrick Coffee Rolls Out a Coffee-Cocktail List That is Unrivaled

If there was ever a place where a coffee bar can double as a chic place to enjoy an aperitif, the Meatpacking District is it. The soft lighting, the long, stainless steel bar aching to be leaned against, and the surprisingly lengthy list of coffee-infused cocktails all contribute to making Kobrick Coffee one of a kind. During the day, Kobrick’s […]

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Buckets of Booze + Dueling Pianos = One Helluva Night Out

In a city filled with one bar after the next, it can be quite a feat trying to differentiate yourself from all the rest. Howl at the Moon, a well-known franchise, opened up shop in Midtown, placed conveniently in the Theater District. The two-level spot has a slight Southern feel, warm and inviting, despite its large size. While it’s definitely […]

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Garfunkel’s: Meet Your New Favorite Speakeasy

In a city where there are so many people trying to be visible, we seek places in deep corners where we can hide behind velvet curtains or heavily guarded steel doors simply to avoid crowded, messy social interactions. The overstimulation and exposure of the senses in New York drive us to places of secrecy and valor.  It may or may […]

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The Living Room Gets a Make Over

  Let’s face it, Times Square is the last place that comes to mind when a New Yorker wants a night of cocktails and dancing. But restaurateur and owner of IndieFork, Matt Levine, seeks to change that. Levine and his team have taken over the W Times Square Living Room and it is not to be missed. Matt Levine has […]

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Super Bowl 50: Do You Know Where You’ll Be?

The Super Bowl. The annual event is such a big deal that many think it should be made a national holiday! And now we’re at Year 50! Whether you’re a football fanatic looking to cheer on your favorite team or just along for the ride (like me), one of these locales just might be the perfect place for you and […]

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Who Won Our Hearts at the 4th Annual East Ville des Folies

The 4th annual East Ville des Folies took place this past weekend at Webster Hall, where thousands of people flocked the four floors filled with beer and whiskey. The Prohibition-themed event gave New Yorkers a fun and unique way to spend their Saturday afternoon. While everyone else was busy watching football, we joined other imbibers to try out the best […]

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A Not-To-Be-Missed Event for All Whiskey and Beer Enthusiasts

Whiskey and beer. Nothing goes down smoother. Which is probably why the 4th annual Prohibition themed beer and whiskey tasting festival, East Ville des Folies, is bringing it back to NYC for what is sure to be another successful year. Taking place on Saturday, January 16th, from 2:30-5:30pm at Webster Hall, this one-of-a-kind event takes you back in time to […]

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Lumos Lights the Way with Baijiu

New Yorkers have become accustomed to the typical spirits that fill bars and restaurants, including vodka, gin and whiskey, but there is a new spirit that should be mixed in your next cocktail…Baijiu. It might be new to New Yorkers, but Baijiu dates back nearly 5,000 years and has been a popular spirit in the Chinese culture. While there are […]

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Get Cozy Fireside at The Vine This Winter

Who doesn’t like a nice, warm fireplace during the wintertime? No one I know. But us city dwellers are limited when it comes to having a fireplace in our closet-sized apartments. The next best thing is finding a cozy bar or restaurant that fuels the flames as they feed you. Located within the Hotel Eventi lies The Vine, a perfect spot […]

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Winter Cocktails Up High at Bar 54

Times Square can be overwhelming, especially to a seasoned New Yorker. The hustle and bustle, crowds, lines and crowded restaurants can easily make you crazy… but isn’t that the beauty of New York? For those seeking more of an intimate experience after the theater, on a weeknight or weekend, and want a guaranteed seat or table, you should check out the Hyatt Times […]

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