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A Not-To-Be-Missed Event for All Whiskey and Beer Enthusiasts

Whiskey and beer. Nothing goes down smoother. Which is probably why the 4th annual Prohibition themed beer and whiskey tasting festival, East Ville des Folies, is bringing it back to NYC for what is sure to be another successful year. Taking place on Saturday, January 16th, from 2:30-5:30pm at Webster Hall, this one-of-a-kind event takes you back in time to […]

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Lumos Lights the Way with Baijiu

New Yorkers have become accustomed to the typical spirits that fill bars and restaurants, including vodka, gin and whiskey, but there is a new spirit that should be mixed in your next cocktail…Baijiu. It might be new to New Yorkers, but Baijiu dates back nearly 5,000 years and has been a popular spirit in the Chinese culture. While there are […]

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Get Cozy Fireside at The Vine This Winter

Who doesn’t like a nice, warm fireplace during the wintertime? No one I know. But us city dwellers are limited when it comes to having a fireplace in our closet-sized apartments. The next best thing is finding a cozy bar or restaurant that fuels the flames as they feed you. Located within the Hotel Eventi lies The Vine, a perfect spot […]

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Winter Cocktails Up High at Bar 54

Times Square can be overwhelming, especially to a seasoned New Yorker. The hustle and bustle, crowds, lines and crowded restaurants can easily make you crazy… but isn’t that the beauty of New York? For those seeking more of an intimate experience after the theater, on a weeknight or weekend, and want a guaranteed seat or table, you should check out the Hyatt Times […]

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Daybreaker Gets Mad on the River

After the last Daybreaker party I attended, I didn’t they could top it. Well I was wrong! Mad Hatter was a Daybreaker party, Halloween edition, and it wasn’t your average Halloween party in New York City. The Mad Hatter Daybreaker Party was determined to break all of the rules. Held on a yacht from Hornblower Cruises, Mad Hatter boasted the […]

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A Welcome Addition to the Neighborhood: Haymaker Bar and Kitchen

Restaurants and bars are constantly opening throughout the city, and while many do not live up to the hype there are some worth going out of your way to visit. The area near Penn Station and Madison Square Garden is not considered a food mecca, but with the recent opening of new eateries, including Haymaker Bar and Kitchen, it is bringing […]

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Maxim Model Launches Charity with Party in NYC

There is nothing more rewarding action than helping someone in need. With countless charitable organizations funding worthy causes, people continue to strive to bring awareness to everything from global issues to illnesses. International model and actress Carissa Rosario aims to bring awareness to pediatric brain cancer and give support to children and families that are affected by the disease, with […]

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Tickets on Sale for The Art of Food

Food. We need it to survive. But for those of us who happen to hold a very special place for food in our hearts, it can be so much more than that. Chef Michael White and fashion designer Nicole Miller have partnered up to bring New Yorkers a special evening of food and fashion. Taking place at Sotheby’s on October […]

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Bubbles and Bites

  If you’ve ever been to Fashion Week before, then you know it’s chock full of events, leaving you exhausted and running around all over the city. So when I was invited to Bubbles and Bites for a midday reprieve, I couldn’t refuse. Hosted by Sara Lehman of Somm in the City (and also a contributor to Manhattan with a […]

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Putting the ‘and’ Back into Hospitality at Ampersand

In a city that prides itself on ever-changing style, evolution and re-invention are commonplace things. Don’t like your hair?  Chop it off. Over your closet? Shopping sprees are an easy solution given the proper credit limit. For bars and restaurants, total makeovers are much more difficult to come by. The establishment formerly known as The Pizza Pub boasted a great […]

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