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Celebrate the Year of the Pig with Patricia Lohan


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Amidst the great success of Marie Kondo and her quest to fill your home with objects that spark joy, an ancient practice has reemerged to remind you that calibrating your space goes well beyond tidying up. Feng Shui expert Patricia Lohan calls Feng Shui “acupuncture for your home,” and views it as an attainable endeavor that everyone can utilize in their own homes.

Her suggestions are realistic and approachable, a welcome attitude from someone who works with a multitude of clients from all over the world, who have varying degrees of belief in her practice. Especially in a city like New York, where buildings are old, space is limited, and moving happens quite frequently, Lohan is empathetic and flexible in her recommendations, something that is reassuring as someone with little knowledge of Feng Shui.


Lohan’s thinking is that making even small tweaks and adjustments to your space can have a huge impact on getting the energy of your home flowing in a way that is conducive to productivity, success, and love. This was demonstrated up close and personal in an incredibly luxurious suite at the Nomad Hotel, where Lohan talked about her book, her life story, and how she lives her life to the fullest every single day by incorporating the main tenets of Feng Shui into both her life and the lives of her clients.

year of the pig

Her new book, called The Happy Home, is “an introduction into the 4,000-year-old practice of Feng Shui, the same ancient Chinese art form that celebrities and Fortune 500 companies use to supercharge their spaces and create balanced, harmonious spaces.”

happy home

The book is a written reflection of Lohan’s positive vibes, her vast knowledge of eastern healing, and a can-do attitude that will wake you up and prompt you to take a look around your home and take stock of your life. This Chinese New Year is the perfect time to play around with these elements in the spaces you spend the most time (at home and at work) in order to set yourself up for success the Year of the Pig.

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