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Chalk Point Kitchen – New Year, New You, New Menu



A SoHo favorite amongst chronic brunch attendees, Chalk Point Kitchen once again proves that it is so much more than avocado toast. The Kitchen’s refreshed winter menu has arrived, offering something for everyone, and doing it all with comfort and style.

The cozy country aesthetic and the gracious staff are the cornerstones of the success of Chalk Point Kitchen, but the real beauty of the place is that it is always reinventing itself. Rather than resting on its laurels, the kitchen turns over new menu items seasonally, as well as weekly, keeping things fresh for even their most regular of guests.


We had the opportunity to sample some of the dishes off the revived winter dinner menu – here’s what we loved:

Hudson Valley Dug Leg Confit


I recently had a duck confit at a well-known French bistro in SoHo (that shall remain nameless), and I have to say that that duck could not hold a candle to the duck confit at Chalk Point. Zesty and moist, this dish was paired with roasted delicata squash, Brussels sprouts, walnuts, and a mustard seed dressing, and successfully outshone everything on that plate. What an incredible way to kick off our meal.

Cast Iron Seared Octopus


Local beets and puffed amaranth give this octopus a shot at ingenuity, and it is a solid appetizer, but the duck confit was a tough act to follow.

Mustard Crusted Rack of Lamb


Two meaty chops, crusted with whole grain mustard, crackle as your fork and knife split them apart.  Crispy chickpea fritters and roasted cauliflower accompany the meat for a bit of variance, and red wine roasted black figs add a sweetness that you didn’t even realize you needed. A spoonful of lemon-juniper yogurt completes the umami packed entrée, one of the best I’ve had in a while.

Roasted Carrots


This dish has been around almost as long as Chalk Point itself, and it’s no surprise why. Feta, black truffle and lemon layer on top of each combine so well that each bite explodes with a cheesy, truffley, lemony lilt to a perfectly toasted carrot.

Mushroom Gratinee


Cold weather calls for stick to your ribs dishes like this one, and you can rest a little easier knowing that the main component is mushroom. Hudson Valley camembert oozes over the grilled caps that are garnished with a drizzle of sherry, toasted rosemary and gluten free bread crumbs. It is the stuff non-hallucinogenic mushroom dreams are made of.


Twisted Talk: Have you dined at Chalk Point Kitchen before? What’s your favorite dish there? Discuss below!

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