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Cleansing Your Mind, Body and Soul


Sometimes we just need to hit the reset button. Between work and play it can hard to find some downtime and spend time on yourself. Not anymore! We found some amazing products and services that will have you loving your ‘you’ time.


Lighting a candle can have a calming effect on anyone. Even more relaxing, though, is a massage. Now you can get the calming effects of a candle and the relaxation provided by a massage in one tiny little tin. The Sitota Collection’s Body Candle is a unique product — as the candle burns, it transforms into a warm body oil, infused with essential oils and vitamins. Scented with Aigyptos fragrance, the candle’s wax is designed to soften skin and sooth dry spots, so not only does it make your home smell wonderful, but it makes your skin soft and supple at the same time. It’s a great treat to use on your own, or with a loved one!


Water is freakin’ great. Everyone knows it, too, which is why there are hundreds of companies trying to make it even better with extra vitamins, fruit flavors and carbonation. But what if you could find a water that was naturally infused with extra hydrogen? That’s exactly what HFACTOR water has, an optimal level of molecular hydrogen, which acts as an antioxidant, giving drinkers the potential for therapeutic benefits and enhanced cellular protection. Not only does it do the normal water stuff, like hydrate you, but it can also improve athletic performance and recovery, increase your energy levels, relieve hangovers, allergies, jet lag, the works. Plus, is can also help to beautify the skin! So not only does this stuff have tons of benefits, but it also tastes so pure and natural, it make it that much more enjoyable going down. I was hooked immediately, and I bet you will be, too.


Your skin is one of those things that you have to clean every day in order to maintain it. Indie Lee’s Squalane Facial Oil can help you with that! The facial oil, which you apply to freshly cleansed skin, is great for all skin types (including acne prone, sensitive, dry, etc.) and is a 100% pure olive-derived serum. Not only does it help to improve the texture and tone of your skin, but it also protects against sun damage, improves elasticity, retains moisture and helps to prevent age spots and hyper-pigmentation. And if you’re weary of putting on oil on your face, think again — it’s not greasy and does not clog pores. Plus, you only need to use 2-3 drops per use, so it lasts a long time.


Ever feel like the walls are just closing in on your and there’s nothing you can do about it? Negative energy effects us all and now thanks to psychic medium Linda Lauren, you can take in good vibrations all day long. Linda Lauren’s The Vibe Room Energy Clearing Spray is comprised of a long-tested combination of essential oils, herbs and family recipes that can be used to clear out any negative energy from a space. The blend of ingredients makes for a wonderful and relaxing scent, and raises vibrations in a space so that it is more positive and uplifting to the human spirit, thanks to being infused with Reiki healing energy. No matter where you go, be it your office, hotel, airplane, etc. this stuff is sure to put you in a better mood.


Sure, it’s easy to plop on the couch and kick your feet up. But being sore from a workout can put a little damper in your resting. Play Again Now solves that problem. Play Again Now is a high molecular weight oral liquid form of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is naturally produced in the fluid that protects your joints, muscles, tendons, etc. This cool product acts as a shock absorber and lubricant for your whole body. Daily use helps to eliminate stiffness and soreness and can also work as a great preventative for athletes or those who exercise regularly. Less rest, more gains, sounds sweet!

REVIV New York City by Chris Zelig

Okay, so IV therapies have become all the rage in the past couple of years and if you don’t know about them, you’ve been living under a rock. Basically, IV therapies allow you to get your fix of healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes fast, quick and easy. When you rehydrate or take vitamins orally, you only absorb 55% of the benefits, but with IVs that are injected directly into the bloodstream, you absorb 100% of the nutrients. REVIV Me is a resort-level experience, aiming to bring you IVs and booster shots at a spa and concierge service right here in NYC. Developed by doctors and athletes, the company has a large menu of IV formulas that help with everything from hangovers (yes!) to providing you with glowing skin. Customers can relax in a comfortable setting, relax and watch Netflix or listen to music, and in as little as 30 minutes walk out the door with a new pep in their step. Feel a cold coming on? Head in for a B-12 shot! Having a busy work week? The Megaboost IV will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed. Sounds like a win, win to me.

Twisted Talk: How do you revive yourself on tough days? Have you ever used any of these products before? Discuss below!

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