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Comedy with a Side of Cocktails



The Stand is a great spot for comedy and cocktails. The comedians are hysterical and not only do they all have their own style of comedy, but they bring the audience into jokes, which makes it very fun and personal. Here, a lineup of four comedians took the stage for 20 minutes each, making the show around an hour and a half long. This is the perfect spot for a fun night out with the girls, or guys. The Friday night lineups are very popular so be sure to get there plenty early. If you choose another night to go, they have plenty of shows during the week, as well as on the weekend, so you will never miss an opportunity to check one out!

For $20 a ticket and great priced wine, beer, and cocktails, its no surprise that this place is always packed. Nothing is worse than when you have a two or three drink minimum and they price gouge you at a comedy club and give you watered down drinks. At The Stand, there is no drink minimum and deliciously strong cocktails for $13 makes this spot an east side favorite.

You certainly have to be a little open minded when going to any comedy show in New York City and if you do not want to be called on by a comedian, you should try to sit in the back. What’s great is that even in the back you can absolutely see the stage and comedians and hear everything, so no seat is the worst seat.

The cocktail list is fun and inventive, offering a selection of Dark and Stormys, Negronis, Martinis and other playful concoctions. If you want a light bite with your night of laughter, the menu is great and they serve food during the show, so no need to scramble and get your order in before the show starts.

Be sure to check out The Stand, if you want a great night of comedy and cocktails. Even the 8pm show is hysterical, so you never miss out!

Twisted Talk: Have you been to any comedy shows in NYC? Have you ever been to The Stand? Discuss below!

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