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Coney Island Brewskis for the Summer!



Summers in New York City involve dining outside, picnics in Central Park, and if you choose to travel to the far side of Brooklyn, trips to Coney Island. Luckily, Coney Island Brewing Company has unique and tasty beers that will keep you refreshed all summer long.

Between the Coney Island Lager, the 1609 Amber Ale, Mermaid Pilsner, and Overpass IPA there is a fun beer for every palate preference. The labels are funky and tie in the entire Coney Island theme, making these beers some of the best for summer.


If you’re into a classic American Lager with some malty notes, the Coney Island Lager is for you. This beer was inspired by this “Playground of the World” and will pair with anything that you enjoy. For something a little more bold, nutty, and additional citrus, the 1609 Amber Ale is just what you need to sip on and enjoy with a Nathan’s Hot Dog, all while enjoying the Coney Island amusement.

A tribute to the artists, musicians, and those who built the community we know today as D.U.M.B.O Brooklyn is the Overpass IPA. This “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” IPA is richly aromatic and has a deep golden color with a lot of character. Enjoy this one with a funnel cake and some friends!

On a lighter note, with more citrus and some rye spice notes, is the Mermaid Pilsner. The label isn’t the only thing that you will love about this beer, as it’s great on a hot summer day and will quench your thirst right away.

Check out the entire collection of beers from Coney Island Brewing! Which one do you think will be your favorite?

Twisted Talk: Have you enjoyed any Coney Island beers before? What’s your go-to summer beer? Discuss below!

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