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Cooking Healthy with Stacey Hawkins



Let’s face it, everyone wants to eat healthy, but sometimes it takes too much effort to make the right decisions. With an endless selection of fast food restaurants and the array of junk food at supermarkets, the temptation to overindulge becomes too much. Stacey Hawkins, founder of Time Savor Solutions, realized the need for healthier alternatives and created an easier way for people to eat consciously and healthy.

While battling weight loss and nearly 100 pounds overweight, Hawkins established Time Savor Solutions, an innovative diet plan that dealt education and fast simple and healthy food. Instead of usually ordering pre-made food or counting calories, this diet is tackling the issues head on with educating consumers on cooking healthy with simple and fast to make recipes for the on the go individual.

Offering seasonings, spices and dessert mixes, all the ingredients are natural and have no preservatives. One of the delicious desserts that is offered is the Wine Slush-Teeny ®, which is a 100 calorie frozen sangria perfect for summer BBQs. Spicing up the kitchen, people can use one of the various spices, including Rockin’ Ranch, garlic, lemon pepper, chives and others.


Changing a lifestyle is not easy, but through Time Savor Solutions there are hundreds of recipes that people can cook. One of the tasty side dishes that can be made using the Rockin’ Ranch Seasoning is Rockin’ Ranch Grilled Broccoli. Mixed with roasted garlic oil, blue cheese, light cream and seasoning, the dish only takes 15 minutes to make and is perfect with steak, fish or even burgers.

Some people may have trouble boiling water, but they should not be intimidated to try Time Savor Solutions because they offer cooking classes to start people on the right path. Twice a month, people can learn how to cook numerous dishes from Hawkins, in their upstate New York offices in Walden. Time Savor Solutions brings everything back to the basics and helps transform people’s unhealthy eating choices into a bright and healthy future.

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  1. Time Savor Solutions products are one of the finest quality, and best tasting, without all the salt and “fillers of other products. I have been using these products for 10. + years, and found that they give a special added touch to all my dishes. I and a lot of my friends and relatives would be lost without them!

  2. I have been using Time Savor Solutions for years. The recipes and spices have also contributed to me loosing over 75 pounds! Besides being flavorful, the recipes are easy to follow and are extremely delicious. This article is well written and brings out the true essence of Stacey Hawkin’s Time Savor Solutions.

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