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Cool Choice is the Supplement You Need



Staying healthy is really important to me – and it should be to you, too! I take my daily vitamins, go to the gym regularly, and cook at home when I’m not required to go out and review restaurants. But sometimes you need a little extra boost – which is why I was so excited to learn about Cool Choice. This supplement company is very unique in that it creates personalized nutritional supplements for individuals based on their needs.

Cool Choice has fourteen different health benefits for you to choose from. You can select three different benefits you feel you need and the company creates a power blend with all three benefits into one, easy powder packet that can easily be mixed into water, yogurt, or any cold drinks. Options include anti-aging, beauty, brain care, digestive care, energy, eye care, heart care, immune care, joint care, liver care, lung care, men’s vitality, sleep support and stress relief. Cool Choice supplements come in citrus and berry flavors, so depending on which combination of benefits you choose, you could end up with lemon, strawberry, or strawberry lemonade. And yes, they taste good (similar to Emergen-C).


When we tried out Cool Choice, we had a combination of beauty, energy and stress relief. Since each order is customized, ingredients vary from person to person. Mine include L-theanine which helps to minimize stress, ashwagandha extract, which helps to boost your energy, and bioactive collagen peptides, which helps to promote youthful skin. You can read further on all of the ingredients and their benefits on the Cool Choice website.

Customers can order 7-day or 30-day supplies. I love that these are completely customizable, all of the benefits come in one, tiny package, and they taste good and are easy to take! Taking supplements has never been so easy.

Twisted Talk: Do you take any supplements? What three benefits would you like to try from Cool Choice? Discuss below!


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