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Currently Coveting Vincent Peach



Every now and then a fashionista comes across a designer that blows them out of the water. When I came across the beautiful jewelry by Vincent Peach I fell in love. The self-named brand was born out of the inspiration of the natural, both earth and sea. The designer began creating organic shapes and used rare pearls, gems and hand-woven metals to produce his wearable art. Peach launched his first collection in 2008 and in 2013 he opened his first gallery and retail store in Nashville, Tennessee.

vincent-peach-cuff vincent-peach-coin vincent-peach-earrings

Vincent’s father is one of the foremost pearl growers and harvesters, working with the American Shell Company, ensuring that each pearl utilized in Vincent’s collection is of the highest quality. In fact, the designer hand separates, grades, matches and drills each and every pearl to create his stunning jewelry. This just goes to show his craftsmanship and dedication to his company is unparalleled.

Best of all, Vincent Peach’s collection doesn’t just appeal to one type of woman. Whether your style is glamorous, boho, preppy or traditional, the collection truly has something for everyone. There isn’t one piece of his that I’m not dying to get my hands on. And with prices ranging from $40-$15,000, the brand caters to a wide range of people.



To find out where you can purchase Vincent Peach near you, click here.

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