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Di Modolo and Modolo are Next in Fine Jewelry



Di Modolo and its brother brand, Modolo for Men, have established themselves as the prestige in their ingenious use of well-bred and exquisite 18k gold jewelry and dignified chic diamonds. Founded in 2001 by Benny Shabtai, the owner resurrected a new found format in featuring sophisticated pieces that not only have a design to match the quality of the material, but longevity to hold its weight in the vast world of vintage accessories, with more to come. As recent as 2010, the company has leaned full throttle into the sterling silver side of jewelry making and have done a successful job at that, featuring an array of articles for men and women crafted uniquely for each individual.



The Linked by Love collection is one of the newest add-ons to the Di Modolo family, which features linked cuffs, always a great gift for mother or daughter and matching earrings and necklaces with mix and match pendants. The Ricamo and Diamante have been brand new focuses this season, made from pure 18k gold and sterling silver, in a combination of strand bracelets, dangle earrings, and silver-plated necklaces. The most awesome twist to many of these pieces is the gold accents added onto many of the standard issued jewelry pieces; this adds a distinguished look to the focal points on your person, however you decide to accessorize. Diamond watches, part of the Tempia collection, issue a metallic band in the material of your choice with a diamond encrusted face and Roman numerals that can easily make for the completion of any delicate wrist.


Modolo for Mennot being left out of the picture, has revamped in handsome pieces of jewelry with black diamonds, cognac diamonds, and diamond diamonds for reassurance in the overly testosteroned male. Beads and double leather wrist bracelets with generous weight have been the name of the game for some of the more casual articles, but dog tags, chains and diamond watches also make an appearance in this collection. The chains hold a length up to 24in. but you can also add on even more links to make your chain longer. Rosary beads have also been a best seller, made by the finest in black lava beads, and not shy to support all cultures, as a Star of David necklace has also become available. Many of the jewelry pieces are unisex so men and women can share and change pieces accordingly, along with comfort. These pieces safely assure a nice, clean look that still carries what you find self assuring in the jewelry you hold closest. Di Modolo and Modolo is an Italian based goods and manufactured with craftsmanship by some of the best in its native region.

Any and all items can be found on their wesbite DiModolo.com or at your local Bloomingdales.

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