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Discover New York Like a Local



Do you ever feel like you don’t explore the city enough? Sometimes we get stuck in our routines and forget that there is so much of the city we haven’t covered. Like A Local Tours can help you get out of your rut by showcasing some of the hidden and not-so-hidden gems around the city. With an array of different tours to choose from, there’s something new to discover for everyone.

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, you are sure to discover something new and inspiring on your tour. Choose from Sunday Funday in Brooklyn, Williamsburg Bites, Flatiron Food, History & Architecture or even a North Fork Wine Tour!

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We tried out Like A Local’s Sunday Funday tour, where we tried some tasty bites and drinks, and took in some great views. We started off boozing at the Brooklyn Brewery, which never disappoints, and then stopped in to sneak a peak at Brooklyn Bowl on our way to Mable’s Smokehouse. Here, we got our hands on some amazing brisket sliders, which is something I would definitely venture back to Brooklyn for. From there, we stopped and shopped at Artist and Fleas, which was a great local market, showcasing handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, and so much more. Post shopping spree, we took in gorgeous views of the New York City skyline and bridges from the pier and got our dessert on at Oddfellows. Brooklyn Oenology was the next stop, where we indulged in some wines and ended the tour at Mast Brothers. Overall, it was a fun day filled with lots of new discoveries. However, there is room for improvement.

Along our walks from place to place, it would have been more enjoyable to learn more about the area, history, and establishments we were passing. We did have the chance to see some great street art and see some great local hot spots, but stopping in just to see Brooklyn Bowl and Mast Brothers seemed just like time killers, since we didn’t actually do or try anything there. Overall, it was a great way to spend a Sunday, especially if you luck out with good weather.

Twisted Talk: Have you been on any Like A Local Tours before? Which one would you recommend? Discuss below!

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