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Dish Envy, Where All Your Food Dreams Come True



Do you have a running list of restaurants on the notes section of your phone that you are constantly updating? Do you endlessly read reviews, or text your friends who are “in the know” for restaurant recommendations and what to eat at said restaurants? Do you refuse to let your dining companions touch their plates until you have meticulously photographed each out? Are you someone who really, really loves pizza?

Dish Envy is the cure for all your food-related (or lack thereof) ills, wrapping up all the information you need into an easy-to-use, geographically adept map. Feeding yourself in New York City is one of the most challenging aspects of being a contributing member of society here, if for no other reason than the overwhelming number of choices that await you at every step. In the mood for pizza? There are 72 pizzerias within a mile radius. Craving the comforting broth of a spicy bowl of ramen? No lack of options there either. The sheer number of possibilities can be dizzying, and it never hurts to have a little help, especially when your boyfriend’s gluten free “I only eat organic” cousin is in town and wants you to choose the restaurant.

Luckily, Dish Envy’s got you covered. The app is capable of categorizing the data you seek in millions of ways (it seems), from what neighborhood you’re trying to stay in to what kind of food you’d like to eat (anything from “vegetarian plates” to “lobster rolls” to “raw cow hide”- though we don’t recommend that last one). You can also filter by price, and whether or not they have take-out.

Location based searches are broken out into two categories: “City’s Best” spots are indicated by a gold pin, and “Neighborhood favorites” are indicated by a red pin. Unlike a site like Yelp, which simply aggregates the views of the emotional or disgruntled, the dishes on this app are curated (and not crowdsourced) by founder and NYC food blogger Jay Zygmunt of The Dishelin Guide.

Dish Envy also gives you the option to “save your faves” allowing for increased return visits to your favorite restaurants, as well as “user photos”, which you can directly upload to the app. Users also have the option of using the hashtag #dishenvyNY on their photos for a chance to have their photograph featured in the guide.

So why are you still reading this? Download Dish Envy today and let all your first world food dreams come true.

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