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Donovan Green’s Chair Workouts App Makes Working Out Easy & Convenient



We always make resolutions during the beginning of the year, whether it’s to save money or lose weight, we somehow lose track of those resolutions. One of the reasons why is because we need that extra push or we need to change the way that we do what we need to do to achieve those resolutions. When it comes to losing weight and staying healthy a lot of people give up because their routine is too repetitive. Halfway through the year, a lot of people give up and go back to their old ways. A change to the routine by adding different exercises or using an “app” would change that.

Creating an app that is designed to give you easy workouts is pure genius. Donovan Green’s Chair Workouts was created for everyone, no matter what ability or level you are at. Donovan Green is a well-known fitness trainer whose clientele include celebrities and top health experts like Dr. Mehmet Oz. The app is innovative because you can really do it wherever you are, as long as you have a chair nearby. The app features 1-minute exercise, daily challenges, nutrition tips, recipes and more. You can tailor your everyday fitness routine to something that appeals to you by using all the videos and tools that the app offers you.  You also have healthy recipes that will help keep you on track.


Like many people, I tend to slow down a bit on my health journey. A lot of it has to do with the stress of everyday life and work. This, in turn, affects the time that I actually have to work out and reach for that bag of chips. This is where the app comes in. Because the exercise videos are so short and you just need a chair, it’s convenient to have the app and take a five-minute break every once in a while during the day. If you do this six times a day, by the end of the day you have already exercised for thirty minutes. Not only am I hooked on the app, but I have also told my mother about this app and she loves it. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I mentioned that Donovon Green is Dr. Oz’s personal trainer, and she is in love with Dr. Oz.

The Chair Workouts App is available for download through Itunes as well as through Google Play. For more information on the app, tips on how to use the app to its full advantage, and to become a member of the community you can go to

Twisted Talk: How have you changed your exercise routine? Would you use the Chair Workouts App to supplement or replace your exercise routine? Discuss below!

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