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Double Happiness: A Tale of Love, Loss and One Forever Family



Life is like a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs, twist and turns that no one can expect, but people learn to sit back and enjoy the ride. Even in their darkest hour, there is light of positivity that begins to shine. In Kelly HaramisDouble Happiness, the audiences is taken on a journey of the heartache of losing her parents and the process of adopting her daughter.Throughout the one woman show, audiences will understand the struggles and joys that come while adopting a child, as well dealing with the loss of parents. From 1950’s New York to the crazy Penn State parties it all leads up to an astounding trip to China that teaches Haramis to be a mother with style, grace and wit.

There is a mixture of sad and happy moments; viewers can expect to laugh and cry a little. Double Happiness not only tells the tale of international adoption, but there is special message for everyone. For some people the message may be that even in dark times there is a silver lining in everything, but it might be different for others.

Double Happiness is currently featured in the FRIGID Theater Festival and can be seen on Wed 2/26 @ 5:30pm, Sat 3/1 @ 8:25pm, Tue 3/4 @ 5:30pm & Thu 3/6 @ 5:30pm at UNDER St. Marks for $15.

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