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Drop Dead Perfect: A New Comedy by Erasmus Fenn

Photo credit: John Quilty

Photo credit: John Quilty

I am so grateful that I had the chance to check out a performance of Drop Dead Perfect because it is by far the best play I have seen all year. I was laughing throughout the entire performance and I would be shocked if anyone told me that they did not enjoy it. Presented by The Penguin Rep Theatre in association with The Peccadillo Theater Company and Morton Wolkowitz, Drop Dead Perfect is a new comedy by Erasmus Fenn and directed by Joe Brancato. The play is a dramatic comedy that is recommended for adult viewing only and features the talents of Jason Edward Cook, who plays Vivien; Jason Cruz, who plays Ricardo; Michael Keyloun, who plays The Man/Phineas Fenn; and Drama Desk Award winner Everett Quinton, who portrays Idris Seabright.

The play centers around the dramatic and highly eccentric Idris Seabright who is very rich and lives in a Key West cottage with her adopted daughter Vivien. Things start to go downhill when Vivien decides to leave and pursue art in Greenwich Village. Then we have Phineas Fenn (Idris’ lawyer) who is very much interested in Idris’ will and is always feeding her pills that he picks up from her pharmacists to make her “better.” The situation becomes even crazier when a stranger by the name of Ricardo, who looks exactly like the long lost love of Idris, shows up at her cottage.

Photo credit: John Quilty

Photo credit: John Quilty

When I first walked into the theatre the first thing I noticed was the set. I have to give props (pun intended) to the set designer because it was an amazing use of the space. The stage was transformed to feel like an actual cottage and the actors were able to make use of everything to their advantage. The costume designer also needs a standing ovation because the costumes worn by Everett Quinton, who played Idris Seabright, and Jason Edward Cook, who played Vivien, where gorgeous. Throughout the play there were a lot of double entendres and a lot of inside jokes that related to the 1950s television comedies like I Love Lucy; a lot of the dresses that Vivien wore also paid homage to Lucy and to the fashion of that era. Costume change after costume change, Everett Quinton gave off a flair of glamour and wealth in the clothing that he wore as Idris. The costumes fit like a glove with the era that this play was set in.

Photo credit: Ed McCarthy

Photo credit: Ed McCarthy

I really don’t think there could have been anything that could have made this play better because it was ninety minutes of pure fun. When Vivien fell down the stairs I was in stiches. When Ricardo danced with Idris and then also danced again with Vivien I had to give them a standing ovation because they were just amazing. They had chemistry while dancing and also played to the audience. Then you have Jason Cruz, playing Ricardo, in all his naked glory as he shows us “why he’s so special.”  I found myself still laughing at the hijinks in the play as I was on my way home. If you have not seen this play then I suggest you check it out before their last performance. You still have a chance! Make sure to go and see this play before it’s too late.

Drop Dead Perfect is running until August 10th at Theatre at St. Clement’s, located on 423 West 46th Street between 9th and 10th Avenue. Performances are Wednesdays through Saturday at 8PM and matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 3PM.  Tickets are $25 and you can purchase them by visiting or by calling 845-786-2873.

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  1. Hilarity reigns of course, but when will see Jason Cruz Jason Edward Cox again now that this is closing? Both terrific young actors.

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