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Duck & Waffle: No Longer Just The UK’s Tallest Restaurant!




Duck and Waffle is the highest standing restaurant in the UK and now is featuring a new cookbook flooded with outstanding recipes from their chef and mixologist. Executive Chef Daniel Doherty and Richard Woods, Head of Mixology and Development, made New York City one of their stops to launch the new book and showcase some incredible cocktails and bites from the book! This restaurant is open 24/7, so when you go to visit London, you have no excuse not to make this one of your dining destinations.

The launch party featured some delectable dishes and recipes from the cookbook. The Pumpkin Chestnut Bellini was fresh, sensational, and full of fun fall flavor. This cocktail would make the perfect Thanksgiving treat to drink while cooking and sharing the day with friends and loved ones. This cocktail went beautifully with the Ox Cheek Doughnuts (recipe in the book), which were warm and perfectly cooked.

duck_waffle                    duck_waffle_cosmo

For those who enjoy a Cosmopolitan with a little “texture,” Richard’s Roasted Bone Marrow Cosmo was absolutely incredible. It has all the essence of a regular Cosmo, but with that faint texture of something; and until Richard told us it was the bone marrow, you would have never guessed! Other delicious selections served, that you will also find in the cookbook, included Grilled Oysters with Spicy Bacon Butter and Ox Cheek Grilled Cheese topped with pickled vegetables and spicy aioli. There are so many wonderful stories and recipes in this book that you will become inspired. Chef took a little bit of the old world style of cooking, combined it with some modern flavors and twists, and with Richard, created the new Duck and Waffle cookbook.

For the foodie or cocktail lover in your life, this book is going to be one of the best gifts you can give them this holiday season, which is now in stores and sold online for $25.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever been to Duck and Waffle? What’s your favorite cookbook? Discuss below!

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