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Enjoy Your Summer with Great Music at “Songbook Summit”



There’s something unique and magical about the Great American Songbook that makes it timeless. Maybe it’s the fusion of jazz with the sounds of musical theater, creating a style that is both black and white. Maybe it’s because it didn’t seem like appropriation, but actual admiration, in which this music was founded. I don’t know the reasons, besides the fact that when I listened to them they still felt both like period songs and yet still ahead of their time. Like Citizen Kane, the American Songbook just gets more respected through the years. It is with this arsenal of incredible selections that the Anderson brothers take the stage at 59E59 this August for the Songbook Summit,” bringing us a different musician each week.

The Anderson brothers are a set of identical twins with enormous talent, and they brought a band comprised of equally talented musicians to tackle the music of the one and only Cole Porter. For an hour and a half the audience is transported to a time in which Porter was king. Throughout the concert, we are treated to Porter’s history, making us feel closer to the music and forming an opinion of the man through it. While some of his practices were questionable, his music is not, and the Anderson Twins kill it for us.


Steve Ash and Molly Ryan were the other standouts as his piano work and her voice got me lost in the notes. The Anderson twins are great at their instrument, but are not extremely adept on stage when it comes to dealing with the audience. But what lacks in fierceness, they gain in endearment. The audience loved every minute of this concert.

The “Songbook Summit” event lasts until the end of August with the music of Gershwin and Rodgers coming next. Do me a favor, take a stroll down memory lane and understand why the Anderson twins are bringing this great era back to our stages.

Out of 4 stars:


Twisted Talk: What are some of your favorite old school tunes? What music have you listened to this summer? Discuss below!

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