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Escape to the Hyatt Regency Aruba



As Mother Nature continues to deliver winter’s fury, some New Yorkers are trying to escape the cold to relax, unwind and thaw out. Nestled in the southern Caribbean, Aruba has become the go to place for winter travel. From January to March, Carnival season thrives throughout the island and holds spectacular parades and contests for locals and visitors.

Travelers looking to take part in the annual festivities can book their stay at the Hyatt Regency Aruba, which is currently offering a special advanced booking rate, of up to 20% saving along with daily breakfast when booking a minimum of four nights. People can relax on the beach and enjoy gazing into the crystal clear blue ocean while drinking mojitos and mai tais. If the 85 degree weather is not enough to persuade travelers to pack their bags and head to the island, the Hyatt has numerous amenities perfect for any guest. A multi-level pool complex with a swim-up bar, scuba diving, snorkeling and an on-site casino is enough for me to pack my suitcase and have some winter fun.


As the 60th anniversary of Carnival approaches, Aruba is getting ready to dazzle visitors with their style of jubilation. Travelers can expect to witness the election of the Carnival Queen, which is one of the most important Carnival representatives. Lighting the way throughout the streets of downtown Oranjestad is the Tivoli Lighting Parade, which incorporates thousands of tiny lights into costumes, road pieces and floats. The largest and most anticipated event is the all-day Grand Carnival Parade, which travels throughout the streets with music, festive floats and costumes decorated with a wide variety of colorful stone and feathers.

When it comes to bracing for the next blizzard and polar vortex hitting New York or packing my suitcase and catching a flight to Aruba, the decision is easy. Bask in the sun, enjoy your stay at the Hyatt and witness Aruba’s lavish and fruitful culture.

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