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Experience New York Like Never Before



After being in New York for countless years, people transform into the infamous jaded New Yorker, where nothing phases them and the spark of the city fades away. Once in a while there comes an opportunity to rediscover the city in a way that showcases all the great things that might have been forgotten. Take Me Out NYC, a local nightlife tour, offers an array of packages from a Girls Night Out to Rooftop bars and Nightclubs tours to rekindle that New York spark.

As people get ready for their night on the town, their chauffeured limousine will take them to various locations throughout the evening that are geared towards the chosen theme. Since its beginning in 2012, Take Me Out has been expanding their programs to include some of the most exclusive hotspots in Manhattan. Even though summer is more than halfway through, there is still time to take advantage of their rooftop tour. From the Skylark to Bar Hugo, guests do not know where they will end up until that night. Even though there is a limit to the amount of time spent at each location, it is perfect because just when you get tired of one location you get driven to the next.


All the single ladies and men can rejoice, with Take Me Out’s latest addition of Single in the City. With this new tour, they take patrons throughout The Blind Barber, The Campbell Apartment and more spots that are filled with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. As a history lover, one of the tours that is a must try is the Prohibition Tour, which transports guests back to the 1920’s to stunning speakeasies. Take a walk through a hidden entrance in Bathtub Gin or Back Room and witness how the roaring twenties continue to leave their mark on Manhattan.

Whether people enjoy a blast from the past or sipping drinks overlooking the city, Take Me Out has changed the way New Yorkers think of guided tours. In one night people will realize once again all that New York has to offer and happy that they living in this city.

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